Wednesday, October 06, 2010

World Teacher's Day Thoughts Part 1 --

Because yesterday was World Teacher's Day --

I consider myself fortunate that have had been surrounded by wonderful teachers my entire life.  I had teachers who nurtured me as I was growing up in elementary and teachers who taught me discipline when I was growing up too quickly in high school.

And then I got the opportunity of a lifetime when I attended the Ateneo and I had teachers who helped shape my vision for myself and for my future.

I can really say, at the risk of sounding maudlin and cliche, that I would not be who I am today if not for these many teachers who tirelessly shared themselves with brats like me.

E. Barrera (HS) -- 
I had a rebellious streak when I entered high school and was determined to make my life (and my teacher's lives) difficult -- he called me irascible and impetuous -- and proceeded to teach me what those words meant and how to spell them.

A few days before I was going to Manila, uncertain of which university to attend, he told me:  "Go to Ateneo.  You can thank me later."

It's later.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

M. Bermudo-Libutaque (HS) --
She was my Algebra teacher in Freshman year and later became my Senior class's adviser -- my most wonderful memory of her was sitting down one Saturday afternoon with a few other classmates, trying to make sense of Math ... in Chinese.

We were daunted and intimidated.  She wasn't.

We went back and forth, us translating the Chinese words for triangle, circle, radius, etc. -- she translating the language of Math into a more digestible format.

 In that afternoon, I learned that I can learn anything -- given the right attitude.

... to be continued.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fulfilling dreams --

This time last year, Johann and I ticked off one thing on our places-to-visit list when we went to Japan.

This year, I've only travelled once (to Singapore) and have no plans to go anywhere for the rest of the year.  (Johann is going to Singapore in November.)

I'm already thinking about other places I'd love to see -- and I'm excited for the coming year. ^_^
1.  Hong Kong <-- I've been here a few times.  The last time was during my honeymoon ... and it was raining the entire time.  Johann and I were stuck in the Harbour City area and didn't really get to do much.  I was recently inspired by Dessert Comes First latest trip to Hong Kong and would like to go back there to give it another try.

2.  Taipei, Taiwan <-- I went there on a Boy/Girl Scout trip when I was in High School.  Taipei left a good impression on me and I'd love to visit again. ^_^

3.  South Korea

4.  Macau <-- Ever since I read C's entry on her trip there (and saw her pictures), I've always wanted to go.  Johann and my sister don't seem so enthusiastic about visiting this place, though.

5.  Grand Tour of Europe <-- this one, we are just waiting for the kids to be a little older before we leave them to their own devices for 2 months.

6.  Japan <-- probably Osaka the next time.  ^_^