Friday, February 25, 2011

Classic White Shirts --

I used to live in Navy and Black -- and then I tentatively accepted colors and added gray and pink and other colors.

I have 1 white shirt in my closet (not counting the white M&S shirt I borrow from Johann to wear with leggings) --

My biggest problem with wearing white is having the right undergarments.

At a recent event at my kids' school, I saw a mom wearing a white shirt and jeans -- such a classic, classic combination. And she looked so perfect and fresh.

It's almost summer and the weather calls for lighter-colored clothes --

I'm in the market for a nice tailored white shirt or blouse --

And I've been browsing around and these are really nice.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Kate Spade at ShopStyle
Kate Spade

Kate Spade at ShopStyle
Kate Spade

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In search of: Well-fitting shorts --

I dream of owning a pair of shorts -- shorts that fit me nicely and shorts that flatter my lack of figure.

I've tried shorts in many stores -- my problem is that most shorts are low-rise and are very snug at the hips, of which I have an abundance of.

I recently read an article in Marie Claire (they have a writer who focuses on fashion for plus-sized women) which gave me hope.

Trouble is, I don't know if I can go about buying shorts online -- I think I need to fit them.


And summer is here na. I want to expose my knobby knees!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

900th post: More recipes to try --

These have been open in tabs on my Chrome page --

Might as well keep the links here for future reference:
Caramel Surprise Peanut Butter Cookies -- three of my favorite words = Caramel + Peanut Butter ... how can I resist?
Philly Cheesesteak -- we actually cook a "milder" version but I want to see what an authentic sandwich tastes like ^_^
Carrot Cake -- over at, this had the greatest number of reviews and very good ratings.  I'm trying to figure out how to make it as low sugar as possible for my dad (and myself).  The carrot cakes I remember the most from Manila are the ones from Sharleen Tan (of Qitchen) and from Chocolate Kiss.

We used to bring home a carrot cake for my mom and, to this day, whenever we serve carrot cake, she always mentions that her favorite is still the one from Sharleen Tan.

My funniest memory of Chocolate Kiss is being pregnant with Seth and getting an insane craving for it -- one time, I was crazy craving for it and Johann wasn't home that I went to UP by myself and got a few slices to bring home. ^_^

And I've made these already: Eggs Bakes in Ham Cups -- the shape is intriguing (and new) for my family.  Seth was even convinced to give it a try.  (He who inherited his mom's love-hate relationship with egg.)

Happy 900th post (on Blogger) to me!

In Praise of Digital --

It started a few months ago, I was getting frustrated with my kids' DVDs because they would not play properly from all the scratches and smudges.

It isn't that the kids don't handle the discs properly because they do -- I think it just comes from daily wear-and-tear.

I decided to look online for solutions to this -- from using metal polish to fix the scratches to getting protective sleeves for the discs -- but I felt these solutions just added to the expense and weren't foolproof.

I don't know how the idea got into my head, but I started looking at digital copies of shows (from iTunes US) and discovered that:
a.  They were cheaper.
b.  I didn't have to worry about losing discs anymore.

We already had the iPod (and my husband's iPhone) so all we needed was a way to connect that to our TV.  My husband got an Apple Composite Cable in Singapore and, voila! -- we were in business.

So now my kids' shows are all stored on our iPod -- and it makes it easier for us to bring it around (I don't have to pack discs for trips anymore.)  Plus, I can have a variety of shows loaded and not have to worry about bulk. ^_^

Then, for Christmas, I wanted to give my husband a subscription to his favorite magazine SFX -- he asks people to get him the latest issues (when we know someone going abroad) -- and he hunts for older issues at Booksale.

The cost of subscription is GBP60 (about US$90+) -- ouch!

Thank goodness for Zinio!  We got the subscription for GBP20 -- so now he gets it as the digital version is released and I don't have to worry about his magazines cluttering up the house!

... I sound like one of those paid posts.  Hahahaha!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ultimate Temptation!!! Kate Spade Sample Sale!!! --

Until February 18!!!

Click here!!!

The Wellesley Quinn is so, so tempting!
Porcelain or Mustard? <-- hypothetical question only

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I want: this skirt --

When I was reading up on Kate Spade, I stumbled upon Sandee's blog and fell hard for her daily Kate Spade outfits.

She took it to the next level and started making a skirt ala Kate Spade and is now selling it.
Clickety click here to go to her shopping page.

- That's Sandee and her really pretty skirt. ^_^ (Image from her blog.)

It is such a beautiful skirt -- the shape is flattering and the colors are so playful!

Now she's giving one away for Valentines' Day. Click here for the details.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I wish H&M had an online store --

These are my favorite pieces from the current line:

In Stores Now. Visit to see more.


-- such a quirky bracelet! I can imagine dipping the edge of this on my kid's soup or noodles! Hahaha!

In Stores Now. Visit to see more.

-- very cute bag! Summer-y colors!


-- my husband likes how this one looks. ^_^

In Stores Now. Visit to see more.

-- and this one just looks so light and comfortable

Sunday, February 06, 2011

3D Tin! --

I started a new blog at the start of the year.

It is a result of my reflection and resolution for the year -- to embrace who I am and to voice it out; to explore and develop other facets of myself (for so long, I have become 1-dimensional: Tin of my family) --

The blog is called "Tempt Me" -- and it's where I blog about all of my impulses (99.9% shopping-related) --

Please know that I do not buy plan to buy everything that I write about.  (I cannot afford many of the things that I write about.)

It actually surprised me -- for the month of January, I only "wanted" 16 things -- it seemed more in my head but, when I started to sit down to write about them, the things went through an unconscious filter and I ended up with just those items. ^_^

Dreaming of: a Louis Vuitton bag --

If I could get just one LV bag, which one would it be?

I know I would get it in the Monogram Canvas (yes, yes -- brand wh*re is me)

The Neverfull seems to be the classic choice and I would get it in the PM because I think the MM is a bit big (and the GM is definitely out of the question) --

I also like the shape of the Alma --

And there's the Speedy -- I seem to gravitate towards this shape.  I am also considering a Dooney & Bourke bag that is in a similar shape.

The Lockit is nice -- but I think it's too big.

All pictures screencapped from the LV website.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Love at first sight --

My first Kate Spade bag arrived a day before Chinese New Year --

My first ever splurge on myself (I've splurged numerous times for the kids) and it is beautiful -- and, more importantly, it makes me happy seeing it.

What I love about Kate Spade are the little details -- the stripe-y tissue to protect the contents of the package.  And the dustbag with a little thought from Kate Spade.

And the bag -- the bag was breathtaking.  Nice weight and nice color.  (Even my mom noticed my bag and complimented me on it.)

I've been using it every day since it came -- and I love it!  It's a nice size and holds all of my things (and my kids things as well!)

I was worried that the black and white would be hard to match outfits with (and slightly regretted not getting the mustard or the green -- which would have been easier to) -- but it wasn't!  It goes with everything!  (Well, maybe not everything ... but in the 3 days that I've used it, I've had no problems.)

I also got a wallet --

It's a Jane Street Neda in Green with Eggplant.  Again, I worried about the style (notice how much I worry?) -- it's a zipped-type and I wasn't sure how easy/hard it would be to access my cards and stuff.  And there was no place to put a picture of the kids!

But I've grown to like it and appreciate it -- I don't have to worry about Anya touching the money in my wallet!  (Or pull out cards and misplace them)

Trust me, the purple looks so, so nice!  (Now I am tempted to get a purple bag!)

I want: a plaid bag --

I know that plaid is a pattern -- but, regardless of color combinations, it seems to be a "neutral" and can go with anything.

I'm in the process of adding color to my wardrobe -- and, for some inexplicable reason, I seem to be focusing on my bags.

Kate Spade at ShopStyle
Ruby Park Small Damien by Kate Spade (on sale for $123 from $275) <-- there is a bigger version of it -- but I like this one better. ^_^

Burberry seems to have cornered the market on really, really nice-looking plaid bags -- and it's difficult to just pick one Burberry bag (or plaid) --

Burberry at ShopStyle
Nova Check Bowling Bag ($595) -- lining comes in black, white, raspberry, blue and yellow

Burberry at ShopStyle
Small Haymarket Check Tote Bag ($575)

Dooney & Bourke also has some nice plaid bags:

East/West Handle Top Zip ($140 at Zappos)

Small Handle Drawstring ($136.50 at Zappos)

If I could just win a teensy bit of money from Lotto, I would get the Burberry bags. Will keep on dreaming. ^_^