Sunday, February 06, 2011

3D Tin! --

I started a new blog at the start of the year.

It is a result of my reflection and resolution for the year -- to embrace who I am and to voice it out; to explore and develop other facets of myself (for so long, I have become 1-dimensional: Tin of my family) --

The blog is called "Tempt Me" -- and it's where I blog about all of my impulses (99.9% shopping-related) --

Please know that I do not buy plan to buy everything that I write about.  (I cannot afford many of the things that I write about.)

It actually surprised me -- for the month of January, I only "wanted" 16 things -- it seemed more in my head but, when I started to sit down to write about them, the things went through an unconscious filter and I ended up with just those items. ^_^

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