Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My multiply is multiplying! --

This is something I've been thinking of doing for a long time now and my main worry was having enough time to maintain this new site and my current ones. I thought my little book business needed this, though -- it will give people an idea of the new titles I've added to my Ebay listings.

Starry Night Books!

The good thing about this new site is that I'll only need to update once a week (or more, if the toddler-sleeping gods are kind and Seth takes a nice, long afternoon nap).

Drop by! How can you resist such a cute name? >_<

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kicking and screaming --

Is the best way to describe 2008's exit --

Stocks are on a roller-coaster ride and the Peso-to-dollar rate is on a nose dive.

In less than two weeks, the United States will have vote for a new president and it will be interesting what kind of foreign policy that new president will have and how it will affect our part of the world.

These days, my little luxury every afternoon is to watch CNN's news coverage and special features on the US Elections. (In the evening, it's to watch Mike Rowe mucking around in Dirty Jobs. ^_^)

* * *

Enjoying myself --

I love where I'm at right now -- it's a good mix of busy and laidback and gives me time to be with my son and have some time for myself as well.

One thing I'd love to do is to travel -- but, with the dollar rate, that is quite impossible at this point.

* * *

I wish it were Valentine's Day --

Because I love this poem so much and I want to print a Gocco-something with these words on it. ^_^

Very fine is my valentine.
Very fine and very mine.
Very mine is my valentine very mine and very fine.
Very fine is my valentine and mine, very fine very mine and mine is my valentine.
- Gertrude Stein, A Very Valentine

Monday, October 13, 2008

Plan your Christmas vacations! --

It's going to be a very, very short December --

I got information from an HSBC service advisory letter which we recently received.

Not sure if this has been confirmed by the government but I thought it would be useful for people planning trips and such. ^_^

December 1 (Monday) - Bonifacio Day
December 25 (Thursday) - Christmas Day
December 26 (Friday) - Special Non-working Day
December 29 (Monday) - Special Non-working Day
December 30 (Tuesday) - Rizal Day
December 31 (Wednesday)
January 1 (Thursday) - New Year's Day

Grabe yung break from December 25 to January 1! ^_^

Total number of Working Days = 17 days ^_^

Friday, October 10, 2008

Box of awesomeness --

That's how my husband describes the Pocky with Almond and Chocolate --


This came from my youngest brother -- I guess he took pity on Seth and his one-flavor Pocky experience. ^_^

The Pocky to the left is white hazelnut (I hope) and the one on the right is orange, which Seth likes (but not as much as he likes the Strawberry Pocky).

* * *

Busy Johann --

After a year of gathering dust, Johann finally got around the building one of his Gundam kits. This one was something he was looking forward to building because it looked so cool with all the cool atomic energy (read: green circle things) surrounding the Gundam.


His favorite part of this Gundam are the rocket thrusters on the legs --


He has one more kit to build and then he promises that he will build nothing but Gundam 00 kits because that's the only series he's watched (and finished).

Boys and their toys. ^_^

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's that time of the year again! --

Last year, I posted my Christmas wishlist in September --

This year, I really tried to wait until (at least) October so I won't appear like such an eager beaver. ^_^

My sister and I have already actually talked about what we want for Christmas --

I'm a little surprised with myself this year because there isn't much that I want for myself.

Anyhoo, just as a recap, here was my list last year:
1. LeSportSac deluxe everyday bag or classic hobo
2. New cellphone
3. New pair of glasses
4. Giordano Skinny Polo
5. A pair of nice fitting jeans <-- I did get a pair but my sister has appropriated them for her own
6. Mike Gayle's latest book

And my wishlist for Seth --
1. portable CD player <-- we kinda have portable music now from my phone and Johann's
2. an Avent 11oz bottle
3. some shorts (soft and light ones)

Here is my list for this year:
1. LeSportSac deluxe everyday bag <-- I got a classic hobo for myself when I went to Guam
2. New pair of glasses
3. A good pair of walking/exercise shoes <-- it is the year to get back in shape (hopefully!)
4. Walt Disney Treasures - Disney Rarities - Celebrated Shorts, 1920s - 1960s <-- this was on my list two years ago, never did get around to getting it back then
5. A Moleskine weekly diary <-- I might just get one for myself. I still haven't decided if I want the small pocket red one or a bigger one this year.
6. Canon Powershot E1 <-- I already have a Powershot A640 and I know I don't need a new one but it is just so, so adorable! The colors are irresistible! >_<

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I love Green Arrow! --

(Fangirl mode: ON)

One of the comic series that I look forward to every month is Green Arrow And Black Canary by Judd Winick. (The art by Cliff Chiang is AMAZING. O_O)

Green Arrow is a recent discovery -- I loved how he was portrayed in the animated series Justice League Unlimited and I love how he's drawn in this comic series.

My favorite issue (#4) contains a really lovely quote about parenting --

Fathers are there from the beginning.
On playgrounds. On first days of school.
Dads should remember what it's like to hold a small hand.
Teach them to be careful.

- Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

This is the reason why we decided to pick up Smallville Season 6 -- Green Arrow makes his appearance.

And this is the guy who plays him --


The actor's name is Justin Hartley.

Yummy! >_<

I want to pause his scenes in Smallville but, then, I also want to hear him talk.

Oh, what a dilemma! >_<

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happiness comes in small packages --

A few days ago, I was really surprised to receive a package from Char.

When I saw what was inside the package, I started laughing --


Char sent me mooncake and some shirts for Seth. I was so excited about the mooncake because my dad has been craving them and was disappointed that we weren't able to get the yummy mooncake from Binondo this year. (More on this later)

So, that evening, we hurriedly ate dinner and opened one of the mooncake.


The present had a cute twist -- these were not the typical lotus/mongo mooncakes -- these were Chocolate and Moccachino.

There was a bit of a discussion regarding how many pieces we should slice the mooncake. (We usually cut it into 4 pieces but everyone was curious and wanted to try the Chocolate so we cut it into 6 slices.)


Surprisingly, the mooncake tasted really delicious! It still had the creaminess and subtle sweetness of the regular mooncake but you can taste the chocolate as well.

I usually don't like eating the egg but I didn't mind this one.

I think my dad was really happy that night -- that was his first (and only) mooncake for the year. ^_^

* * *

More on mooncakes --

In the past, my youngest brother and I would make the trek to Binondo to buy mooncake. We'd come out of the restaurant carrying plastic bags-full of mooncake to be given to co-teachers and as pasalubong to our relatives in Iloilo.

Usually, the mooncake festival would coincide with the time when we were out of the country -- and we would seek out unique mooncake designs and flavors from those places.

Last year, Johann and I actually splurged on some when we were in Singapore.

This year, we didn't even realize that the mooncake festival had come and gone. We were so busy doing whatever it is we were doing that I just forgot.

* * *

Feeling grateful --

When we decided to move to Iloilo two years ago, we knew we would be giving up so much -- we knew that we would be disconnected from our friends and from life as we knew it.

We've had several pity parties where we bemoan our lack of friends here in Iloilo.

The decision did reap some benefits -- Seth is doing very well here and I love how accessible and affordable everything is.

One of the things that surprised me was the discovery that, despite the distance, I've managed to maintain many of the relationships I cherished in Manila and that I've actually made more friends while I've been here.

I think back at the number of friends we've had visit us here in Iloilo and the care packages we've received and my heart just bursts with gratitude.

Thank you, all of you. ^_^