Thursday, October 02, 2008

I love Green Arrow! --

(Fangirl mode: ON)

One of the comic series that I look forward to every month is Green Arrow And Black Canary by Judd Winick. (The art by Cliff Chiang is AMAZING. O_O)

Green Arrow is a recent discovery -- I loved how he was portrayed in the animated series Justice League Unlimited and I love how he's drawn in this comic series.

My favorite issue (#4) contains a really lovely quote about parenting --

Fathers are there from the beginning.
On playgrounds. On first days of school.
Dads should remember what it's like to hold a small hand.
Teach them to be careful.

- Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

This is the reason why we decided to pick up Smallville Season 6 -- Green Arrow makes his appearance.

And this is the guy who plays him --


The actor's name is Justin Hartley.

Yummy! >_<

I want to pause his scenes in Smallville but, then, I also want to hear him talk.

Oh, what a dilemma! >_<

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