Friday, October 10, 2008

Box of awesomeness --

That's how my husband describes the Pocky with Almond and Chocolate --


This came from my youngest brother -- I guess he took pity on Seth and his one-flavor Pocky experience. ^_^

The Pocky to the left is white hazelnut (I hope) and the one on the right is orange, which Seth likes (but not as much as he likes the Strawberry Pocky).

* * *

Busy Johann --

After a year of gathering dust, Johann finally got around the building one of his Gundam kits. This one was something he was looking forward to building because it looked so cool with all the cool atomic energy (read: green circle things) surrounding the Gundam.


His favorite part of this Gundam are the rocket thrusters on the legs --


He has one more kit to build and then he promises that he will build nothing but Gundam 00 kits because that's the only series he's watched (and finished).

Boys and their toys. ^_^

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