Saturday, July 31, 2010

Funny thing --

Johann and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last July 23 --

I had the idea of asking our friend, C (who was going to Singapore) to buy a copy of SFX for Johann.  (It's one of his favorite magazines.)

I didn't tell him because it was going to be a surprise.

What I didn't know is that Johann had also asked C to buy some M&M Peanut Butter for me.

He didn't tell me because it was going to be a surprise also.


* * *

Postponed anniversary --

We had planned to watch a movie and have dinner at the newly-opened Mandarin Tea Garden inside SM City on our anniversary but we had to postpone our plans indefinitely --

Anya's yaya's mom was sick so the yaya had to go home.  It turned out that the mom had typhoid so the yaya is currently on quarantine for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 10 Uses for Nutella

Article here.

My favorite is to mix Peanut Butter and Nutella on a sandwich -- great energy boost and a really yummy way to greet the morning. ^_^

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I love you, Steven Moffat --

When Johann started watching Doctor Who, I resisted.  I don't like very long series that I have to catch up with -- and it takes forever to find the previous series/episodes.

This was the case with Doctor Who.  We came in at Season 5 with the 11th doctor (Matt Smith) and had to scramble and find Seasons 1 to 4.  Thankfully, Amazon UK has this amazing boxed set which was on sale -- and we bought it.

And we've been spending an hour or two every afternoon watching an episode or two of Doctor Who.

But I digress -- Johann's been squealing about Doctor Who for about a month now and I've ignored it -- until one afternoon, when he watched The Vampires of Venice.  We had to stop halfway through because he needed to go back to work.

I was stuck at home -- dying to find out how the episode ended.  So I did.  By myself.

Then I watched The Girl in the Fireplace.  And now I am hooked.

(Here is where Steven Moffat comes in.)

My sister and I have an uncanny ability to love directors/writers without knowing them.  Apparently, even from our younger days, we've unknowingly followed Ridley Scott and James Cameron.

Such was the case with Steven Moffat, who wrote The Girl in the Fireplace and several other episodes of Doctor Who.

I've shared Doctor Who with a few friends and I always recommend a Steven Moffat episode for them to watch --

Russell T. Davies who was responsible for jumpstarting the show in the 21st century has stepped down after Doctor Who Season 4 and Steven Moffat is now "running the show" --

For the curious, here are the episodes of Doctor Who which Steven Moffat has written (so far):
1. The Empty Child
2. The Doctor Dances
3. The Girl in the Fireplace
4. Blink <-- Carey Mulligan guest stars in this one
5. Silence in the Library
6. Forest of the Dead
7. The End of Time Part 2 <-- uncredited
8. The Eleventh Hour
9. The Beast Below
10. Victory of the Daleks
11. The Time of Angels
12. Flesh and Stone
13. The Pandorica Opens
14. The Big Bang

Titles in bold are Season 5 episodes.

He also wrote Time Crash -- a five-minute Doctor Who "episode" which was shown for a charity benefit show.

Information gotten from IMDB.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A reason to be in the UK in February 2011 --

SFX Weekender
Camber Sands, East Sussex
February 4 and 5, 2011

George Takei is going!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Weird Pringles flavor --

Found at the supermarket --

Lemon & Sesame
Blueberry & Hazelnut

Saturday, July 03, 2010

I want!!! --

I don't craft or do scrapbooks --

But the acquisitive in me wants to get this.

Cuttlebug Machine for Die-Cutting and Embossing with Bonus Tool Kit

It's a Cuttlebug Machine.  It's currently less than $60 for the machine.

World, don't get this for me.  I wouldn't know what to do with it when I get it.

Photos! --

Johann got the Hipstamatic App for his phone and he's been taking pretty pictures with it.

I really like this picture he took of me.  (Yes, I'm reading a romance novel.  Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter.  Very nice story!)  We were waiting for our haircut appointment at the Korean Hair Salon in Ledesco.


The slippers I am wearing have a very interesting story -- and they only cost 40 pesos.

I had a perm when I went to Tokyo last September and the curls are gone now.  I'm thinking of getting another perm at the Korean Hair Salon and I found this picture in one of the magazines there.  I showed it to the owner and she told me that I could probably get it done next month when my hair is the correct length.


I'm really excited to get it done!  (I wonder how it will look with all my grey/white hair.  Hahaha!)

Photos of the kids using the Hipstamatic in my other blog.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Epic fail morning --

The concept sounded sound -- cream cheese and blueberry in pancake --

The initial plan was just to swirl blueberry topping into the pancake batter but I read a recipe that mixed cream cheese in pancake batter.

I figured I could mix both into the same pancake batter.  (Did I mention it's a whole wheat pancake mix?  Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Mix Pancake & Waffle, 10 Grain 26 oz)

It looked pretty but the inside was still mushy and wet --


See the lovely fleck of cream cheese?

Mushy inside! T_T


Good thing we had bread.

At the same time, Johann decided to experiment on the proportion of coffee grounds (Yes, C, we "brew" our own coffee now. ^_^)  And the coffee was too weak -- and we had put in the same amount of condensed milk into our cups.  Our coffee tasted like warm sweet milk.

This does not bode well for the rest of the day ...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

It works! --

I read that you can "recover" scratched discs using metal polish.  Article here.

I tried it on one of Seth's Little Einstein's discs -- a lot of the shallow scratches disappeared -- the deeper ones are still there -- the most important thing is that the disc doesn't skip or pixelate anymore when we play it.

Caveat:  Don't try this on super expensive/super rare discs.  We only tried the metal polish yesterday and we don't know about long-term effects.