Thursday, July 08, 2010

I love you, Steven Moffat --

When Johann started watching Doctor Who, I resisted.  I don't like very long series that I have to catch up with -- and it takes forever to find the previous series/episodes.

This was the case with Doctor Who.  We came in at Season 5 with the 11th doctor (Matt Smith) and had to scramble and find Seasons 1 to 4.  Thankfully, Amazon UK has this amazing boxed set which was on sale -- and we bought it.

And we've been spending an hour or two every afternoon watching an episode or two of Doctor Who.

But I digress -- Johann's been squealing about Doctor Who for about a month now and I've ignored it -- until one afternoon, when he watched The Vampires of Venice.  We had to stop halfway through because he needed to go back to work.

I was stuck at home -- dying to find out how the episode ended.  So I did.  By myself.

Then I watched The Girl in the Fireplace.  And now I am hooked.

(Here is where Steven Moffat comes in.)

My sister and I have an uncanny ability to love directors/writers without knowing them.  Apparently, even from our younger days, we've unknowingly followed Ridley Scott and James Cameron.

Such was the case with Steven Moffat, who wrote The Girl in the Fireplace and several other episodes of Doctor Who.

I've shared Doctor Who with a few friends and I always recommend a Steven Moffat episode for them to watch --

Russell T. Davies who was responsible for jumpstarting the show in the 21st century has stepped down after Doctor Who Season 4 and Steven Moffat is now "running the show" --

For the curious, here are the episodes of Doctor Who which Steven Moffat has written (so far):
1. The Empty Child
2. The Doctor Dances
3. The Girl in the Fireplace
4. Blink <-- Carey Mulligan guest stars in this one
5. Silence in the Library
6. Forest of the Dead
7. The End of Time Part 2 <-- uncredited
8. The Eleventh Hour
9. The Beast Below
10. Victory of the Daleks
11. The Time of Angels
12. Flesh and Stone
13. The Pandorica Opens
14. The Big Bang

Titles in bold are Season 5 episodes.

He also wrote Time Crash -- a five-minute Doctor Who "episode" which was shown for a charity benefit show.

Information gotten from IMDB.

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