Thursday, September 18, 2008

You know you have a lot of cards when --

You see something like this, and the question that comes to mind isn't "Should I get this?" but "How many do we need?"


This can hold about 9600 cards, btw.

The Secret Meme --

Got this from Gabby --

These are the answers. The questions are secret. ^_^

1. Elbert
2. Alvin and my cousin Jan ^_^
3. My youngest brother
4. Johann, lover of fluffy (and non-fluffy) cats
5. Believe it or not, my sister
6. Me!
7. ---
8. Char! (even Johann thinks so) ^_^
9. Brian
10. Florie or Aurelio or Jasmine or Nikka
11. Me!
12. My sister
13. ---
14. Geolette
15. Erm... no one! ^_^;;;
16. My cousin, Jan
17. Johann at Toys 'r' Us or Toy Kingdom or any bookstore
18. My sister! Hahahaha!
19. Eric T. was the first person who came to mind and then my cousin Stan
20. A tie between Gabby and Brian (and I love seeing it from that POV ^_^)
21. ---
22. ---
23. No one.
24. Wow... I don't know anyone capable of this. I hope I don't.
25. Dave! (Am kidding!) Pero, seriously ...
26. Johann ... and I did! Hahahahahaha!
27. All of my friends, which is why they're my friends
28. Maybe my youngest brother -- just for laughs
29. Other than my husband? Maybe Jin and Brian for the conversation. Elbert and Gabs for fun and inspiration.
30. Hi! I'm glad I'm friends with you! ^_^

Waaaah~ So many blanks! I don't know that many people! T_T

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In a word? "Wow!" --

When we pre-ordered this book a few months back, I never bothered to read the specifications (size, number of pages, etc.) I didn't even bother to be amazed by the roster of artists they were able to recruit for the project.

The only thing that mattered was the subject matter: Tori Amos.

'Nuff said.

When the book finally arrived, I was so in awe of the size -- it isn't your typical mass market or even trade paperback.

This book is HUGE.

<-- see how dinky the Mike Gayle book looks?

And then you start flipping through, and the art just takes your breath away --


And you remember the songs and hum them to yourself (if they are hummable) --


I think this is a wonderful project for Image. I was especially excited to see the imprint on the back of the book, which said "Volume 1" -- ^_^

Comic Book Tattoo: Tales Inspired by Tori Amos