Monday, June 20, 2011

Wow --

I Want a Real Love
by Jonathan B. Tucker

i want a real love
i don’t want a halmark, disney, fairytale love
i don’t want a flowers and chocolate and let’s lie to each other just to make it work love
don’t want your make-up, hair, nails and heels plastic love
or your i’m so real i’m unreal, get used to it love
i want a D.I.Y. love
a sugar how you get so fly? love
a giving all we can until we die love
an original love
a so crazy intense it might be criminal love
a we’re inside each other’ thoughts
subliminal love
a you know me better than i know myself love
a show off coz we bad like that love
dancing wild and pretending we know how to waltz, swing, tango
fun love
a character love
an actor artist activist love
defying the stereotypes we epitomize love
i want a changing love
a room rearranging love
i don’t want a stay like this forever love
i want a growing, blossoming, blooming, falling, decaying and being born anew love
a nutrient rich love
not a soda pop and snack love
i don’t want a high school college vending machine love
insert money, select one, wait for it to fall in love, love
i don’t want a store bought love
don’t even want a bentley fresh off the lot love
i’d rather have an old busted bicycle love
a jump on my handlebars and watch out for them bumps and potholes love
a biodiesel bus pass waiting 36 minutes to stand on a crowded crosstown ride with too many smelly strangers just to see you love
i wanna be you love
a let’s trade clothes and jobs so i can actually be you love
i want a teacher’s love
not a corporate business love
give me a 501(c)(3) nonprofit love
a do it for the love love
don’t need your money love
give me a funny love
a bugs bunny love
a we can act like kids even though we grown love
a you make me smile without even doing anything love
a whisper inappropriate things in my ear at formal events love
a grab me down there love
i don’t want your fear love
don’t want your who’s that girl you were talking to insecure love
don’t want your i get super jealous because i just love you that much excuse love
give me a juice love
a mad respect, lick my neck and my WHHOOOOO love
a 180 proof love
a fire, wind, water, earth, and heart love
a with your powers combined I am captain love love
i don’t want your drugs love
i want a squeeze me real good with them hugs love
a we don’t mind sleeping outside with the bugs coz we animals love
i want a chimpanzee, bonobo, gorilla, squirrel monkey love
and i know you know what i’m talkin about because you’re my love love
swinging from country to country you’re
far above love
you know me better than i know myself love
sometimes you make me wanna yell love
i don’t wanna kiss and tell love
but your lips got me ringing like a bell love
a don’t take a shower because i love your smell love
i want a hands on each other sweet rub love
a california bubble bath in the tub love
a ten years later still making out in the club love
a gettin old together and growing some chub love
i want a real love
i really do
so tell me love, please
what do i have to do
to find that real love,
with you?

Friday, June 03, 2011

OMG! + update on my Macbook --

Kevin Spacey!
Richard III!

(and Sam Mendes!)


November 17 to 26!

* * *

Update on my Macbook --

I brought it to iCenter this morning and they were very helpful and sympathetic.  Sol (Apple Tech Guy) explained to me Plans A to Z of how he intended to recover my files and save my computer.

I got an update just now and he has successfully retrieved my files.  Yay!  (All those pictures, drafts and my Book Depository spreadsheet are saved!)

So now he'll try to fix the hard drive.  He told me he'll let me know later today.

Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

~Sigh~ =(

My white Macbook died on me tonight.  It's stuck on the loading screen and I've tried everything and it hasn't gotten past the loading screen.

Thank God that iCenter opened here in Iloilo so I'll bring it in tomorrow and hope they can fix it (or, if they can't fix it, retrieve my files -- my photos!  my beautiful, nicely organized Book Depository spreadsheet!) T_T

I was planning to replace my laptop later this year -- and was planning to get a hard drive to transfer my files -- but now is not later -- and I wasn't ready to say goodbye.

Sad night. =(