Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Currently listening to Tori Amos' Tales from a Librarian

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From G's blog

WHAT ARE YOU... answer in complete sentences

...afraid of the most and why? Death -- there's still so much I want to do with my life and I realized, recently, that I've got so much to live for. I also recognize that there is no escaping death, so I'm trying to live out as much of my life as I possibly can.

...hiding and why? That I crumble and fall more easily and quickly than people think. People see me as this pillar of strength and I really am not as strong or as a sturdy as people think I am. ^_^

...thinking and why? Thesis! Erg -- I have to defend my thesis proposal this coming first semester and I need to re-read all the material this summer. I'm also thinking of my J and how he's doing at his job. ^_^

...putting off and why? Re-organizing the bookshelves. Fixing the video collection. Working on my thesis. ~sigh~

...doing and why? Answering this blog survey. Listening to Tori Amos. Trying to clear my head. -- because there is a thesis that needs to be written and defended by December! =P

...trying not to think of and why? My thesis. (hay naku, am so redundant >_<)

...never going to do and why? Intentionally hurt people -- (I don't think I need to explain why)

...supposed to be doing and why? Soooo many things -- lol! ^_^

...keeping in your closet and why? my clothes because that's where they belong ^_^

* * *

Had an interesting talk with D, a fellow VtES player, this morning. No one was at the store so we listened to his compilation of Counting Crows songs and chatted --

I don't know how we got to the topic of relationships, but he started talking about his girlfriend and he got this really cute, silly grin on his face. I recognize that grin because I break out in the same grin when I talk about my J. D started apologizing for being such a sap and I just showed him the picture of me and my hunny and we laughed --

Later that day, J and B came by the store (so good to see you guys again! ^_^) and they told me that I was glowing -- and that made me smile.

Wow -- I'm happy. ^_^

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

From M's LJ

If I were... I would be

- a stone: a skipping stone ^_^
- a tree: coconut (so useful, that tree is)
- a bird: eagle (boring answer, i know =P)
- a machine: a photocopier!
- a tool: screwdriver
- a flower/plant: sunflower
- a kind of weather: a light drizzle -- lol!
- a mythical creature: a fanciful unicorn a la Deedee (Dexter's Lab)
- a musical instrument: cello (i've always loved the sound ^_^)
- an animal: lol! kamikaze koala!
- a color: blue
- an emotion: that feeling you get when you know someone loves you
- a vegetable: broccoli? carrots? ah, cucumber!
- a sound: rain as it falls
- an Element: oxygen? ^_^ fire!
- a car: the car Ryan Philippe drives in Cruel Intentions (a jag)
- a song: (I don't think I'm worthy, though -- hehehehe) DMB's Crash into Me
- to trade places with another person: lol! I won't! Am perfectly happy being me. (but, for a day? Maybe be Wong Kar-Wai so I can work with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai -- hehehehe ^_^)
- a movie: Before Sunrise
- a food: shrimp dumpling noodle soup ^_^
- a place: The Orchard at Granchester, Cambridge / my bed (the left side)
- a material: Cotton ^_^
- a taste: Sweet
- a religion: ?
- an object: a pair of eyeglasses
- a word: breathe
- a body part: hands
- a facial expression: the look you get when you're asleep
- a subject in school: Literature
- a cartoon: not a cartoon, but an anime: FLCL
- a shape: a square
- a number: 6
- a month: January!
- a day of the week: Wednesdays (everything good happens on this day)
- a time of day: Early mornings
- a direction: West
- a piece of furniture: my bed
- a sin: Lust -- lol! ^_^ (seriously? Pride)
- a historical figure: like M -- Joan of Arc
- a liquid: water
- a method of death: ?
- a planet: Earth
- a scent: The Body Shop's White Musk
- a sea animal: dolphin

* * *

Discovered a new game -- Landlord (trust VtES players to turn a perfectly harmless deck of cards into a fun but cutthroat and merciless game ^_^)

* * *

(I love my hun. ^_^)

Monday, March 29, 2004

You were born together, and together you shall be for evermore
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days
Aye, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God
But let there be spaces in your togetherness
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you
Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music
Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts,
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.

- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Saturday, March 27, 2004

From N's LJ:

The last thing you ate: Yellow Cab pizza for lunch, had bandi for dinner (I don't know what it's called here -- it's peanut in caramel and shaped into little disks)
Last great meal you had (where and when): My house -- take-out food from North Park (last Thursday)
Favorite meal of the day: Breakfast! ^_^ (Pancakes with peanut butter, French Toast from Pancake House, etc.)
Pork, Chicken or beef: Chicken!
Favorite Fish: Bangus and salmon
Favorite Carbohydrate: Rice
Favorite dessert: anything sweet (creme brulee, ice cream, etc.)
Favorite ice cream flavor: Selecta Double Dutch
Cake or Pie: cake! (chocolate! ^_^)
Favorite Candy Bar: Mr. Goodbar, Snickers
Favorite Cookie: Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip
Favorite fruit: mango, lychee, strawberries and seedless grapes
Favorite International Cuisine: Japanese
Favorite fast food place: Jollibee
Favorite Restaurant: hmmm... don't really have a favorite
Current food trip: Snapple Kiwi Strawberry
Favorite TV snack: Microwave Popcorn or chips
Favorite drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic): (we hardly drink soda) rootbeer, bailey's, singapore sling, tequila
Last extravagance you allowed yourself: the lunch with M yesterday (japanese at Bento Box and dessert at Seattle's Best)
Food that you absolutely CANNOT tolerate: Liver, Ampalaya or anything that smells funny
Food that you would LOVE to eat but can't: fishballs (but the last time i ate some, i got food poisoning =P)
Weird food you used to eat as a kid: Dinuguan (but I've forgotten how to eat this na)
Weird food combination you eat now: none --
If you had 10,000 dollars to spend on food and no physical complications (allergies, cholesterol problems, etc) what would you eat? It isn't a question of what, but of who I want to eat with eh -- ^_^ (and the answer is J!)
You're tired but hungry, and have to make dinner for yourself. What do you make? Will heat some corned beef and then use the same pan and fry some rice
Snack of your own invention: hmmm... will have to think of one (am really not very creative or adventurous when it comes to food --)
How do you like your steak? medium-well
Guilty pleasure: Lechon! with oysters in Iloilo
Foods no longer around that you miss: Manapla puto from Iloilo
Do you cook? Yes, but I haven't for a while now
What's the dish you are proudest of? crepes, all those things we did with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom -- lol!
Make own ice cream sundae: Ice Cream (chocolate, vanilla and mocha), chocolate syrup, nuts, barquillos
If you could only eat FIVE foods for the rest of your life, what would they be? chicken, bacon, rice, chocolate and peanut butter
Is this quiz making you hungry? yes
What's the food you plan to eat after this quiz? some Cheetos

* * *

It's Sunday morning -- am editing my previous answers (it was just so effing hot last night for me to think clearly =P)

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Awit sa Panginoon: Ateneo Chamber Singers (ACS) Album Launching
Palm Sunday, April 4, 2004
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: University Church of the Gesu
Ateneo de Manila University
Ticket Price: P100.00 each
Ticket Reservation: 0917-8933379

* * *

Current state of being: Pleasantly surprised --

"Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you..." - Alanis Morissette

I've always thought that nothing would surprise me. I thought I had made sure that nothing could happen that would surprise me or catch me unawares --

- I had carefully defined the things (and set up parameters) around me.
- I've kept planners to make sure that I know what's going to happen to me on any given day.
- We speak of "agenda" when I go out with my sibs on Sundays.
- my sister and I are compulsive "list" writers

bottom line: am anal about my life and I make sure things go according to my plans.

And then, there was this --

And it makes me smile just thinking about it. ^_^

I think J is slightly exasperated that the word I use to describe myself is "amused" -- but how else would you describe someone who is constantly going "oo nga, no?" when she thinks about what's currently happening? ^_^

And this is a rare thing for me -- to be this surprised... to be this pleasantly surprised.

And while how this happened or why it happened caught me off-guard, I'm here now and I'm paying attention. And I'm looking forward to what happens next --

* * *

Word the currently fascinates me -- "happen"

This coming to being -- (when things just fall into place and make sense; when things that you thought you had already understood take on new meaning when seen in a different light; when things start fitting --)

and I wish I could talk about this some more, but I don't have the words to describe this or how I feel about it -- (they come in colors or images or silly grins or sounds or giggles)


* * *

Watched Sounds of Colors last night. It's a movie written by the same guy who wrote Turn Right, Turn Left (Jimmy Liao) -- it was a sweet story, but lacked the tension(?) found in TRTL. It had Tony Leung Chiu Wai in it, so am really not complaining. ^_^

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

For those who've seen Turn Right Turn Left--

This is the website of the guy who wrote the comic book for TRTL.
Dolls! -- so cute! Check out the details ^_^
And the art is so lovely! You can download wallpapers, screensavers and videos ^_^ -- it's 22 pages of really cool stuff ^_^

* * *

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mario.I am Mario.

I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. What Video Game Character Are You?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Am back --

Cebu was fun! The last time I was there was 10 years ago and the city has changed so much since then! I had apprehensions about travelling with my friends (haven't really spent a lot of time with these people in a really long time --) but it all just flowed. I was laughing and having the time of my life. ^_^

(As much as I would love to tell these stories over and over to each one who would ask me how my trip was, this way seems more efficient -- plus, may visual aid pa ^_^)

Day 1:
Our flight to Cebu was at 9:30am. I was hitching with my cousin and her husband to the airport (and would just meet up with the others there). My cousin informed me the night before that the driver was going to pick me up at 630am and that we should be on our way to the airport by 7. We get to my cousin's place by 645am and I had a feeling that they wouldn't be ready to go yet --

Conversation: (in Ilonggo -- translated for ease of reading)
Me: Where's their luggage?
Yaya: (obvious that she had just woken up) Ha?
Me: Um, ready na ba sina J and S?
Yaya: Hindi ko alam.

Gah! Panic sets in! I go to their room and knock -- my cousin's hubby opens the door --

S: Tin, ano ang ginagawa mo dito?
Me: (Eye twitching already) Crazy ka ba? It's 645 na --
S: Aren't we leaving at 730? Walks back to his bed and tries to sleep again.
Me: Hoy, ayokong maiwan ng airplane. Magagalit sina A sa akin.
J (my cousin comes out from the shower): Hoy, maiiwan na naman tayo.

My cousin and her hubby have this terrible habit of being left behind by their flights. They actually have a collection of photos that chronicle each time this happens. ~sigh~

I gave my cousin a copy of Stargirl to read through the flight (and I had my Bridge of Terabithia -- thanks, J ^_^), but we never get a chance to read them because we were just talking and talking and talking ^_^

Amusing thing: In our group, am the only girl and I had the smallest luggage! (It was actually a cabin bag, but I still checked it in to avoid the hassle) ^_^

When we arrived, we made arrangements with my cousins to meet up for lunch -- we were going to try our friend's lechon place --

Cebu is known for their lechon -- it's prepared differently, I think and this results in a salty, flavorful meat that doesn't need sauce.

We were a group of 9 people and we ate about 6 kilos of lechon! -- arteries clogging But it was so yummy! My other friends decided to place orders for lechon that they would bring back to Manila with them.

After lunch, we decide to go to the new Ayala Mall there to find a wedding present for our friends -- these guys are fun to be with -- they've all known each other since prep so they're so comfortable na with each other (and they've travelled together many, many times na rin -- we went to Bacolod together)

Siesta from 4 until 630pm -- we were meeting up with some of their Cebu friends (people who also went to Manila for college) for dinner. Dinner was at Sunburst -- a Cebu tradition. They serve the best Chicken skin and friend chicken -- R and E (Cebu friends) showed us how they mix the sauce for the chicken: mix ketchup with worcestershire and tabasco.

The chicken skin was amazing! Addicting -- a reason to go back to Cebu. ^_^

After dinner, we go to VuDu (the bar in Cebu) -- it was r&b night and the music selection was great. I really didn't want to drink because there was to attend wedding the next day so I just got Bailey's ^_^

So many things happened in that place ^_^ -- basta, I realized I was too old for that sort of thing. (Was continually shocked and amused by other people's behavior)

Day 1 ends with two glasses of Bailey's and half a bottle of SanMig Light.

Day 2:
Had breakfast with S and A.U. -- they "interviewed" me about the current events in my life. (I love it that my friends are so protective of us girls -- they're so maalaga in their own makulit way)

We had originally planned to go to Mactan to visit the resorts, but it was rainy. So we decided to go pasalubong shopping instead. ^_^

We had our lunch in this dimsum place (Harbor City) --

Scary incident -- one of the dimsum carts starts acting up and you could smell gas na -- we were scared the thing might explode.

We return to the hotel at around 145pm. The wedding was at 230 and we all agreed to meet up at the lobby at 215.

~sigh~ (this is what i don't like about being a girl) The guys take their siesta while I start getting ready na.

Realized that, no matter how independent and capable one thinks one is, there is no putting on a corset top without hurting yourself. =P

There was make-up to be applied pa --

At 210, A.U. calls and tells me that they're on their way down na --

I told them I needed 10 more minutes to finish getting dressed.

I go down at 230 -- and we head off to the wedding.

The hotel we stayed in wasn't very nice -- I only had one power outlet and no hair dryer -- so I had to make do. =P

I think I turned out pretty well --

My cousins decide to bring my niece Caitlyn and she immediately became the main attraction -- even my guy friends (who usually try to cultivate this air of indifference melted when they saw her) -- she is soooo adorable!

This is another new happy thought. There is something so wondrous about an 8-month old seeking you out and lets you hold her. The trust and innocence talaga got to me --

and she kissed me! (she kissed my friend S.G. first, though =P) I love my niece! (I think I offered her all my kayamanan -- erg!)

Ah, and the wedding was so sweet!

My friend A sang Moon River as his bride walked down the aisle -- he couldn't finish the song because he was crying na.

He started out off-key (and we didn't realize it was him singing!) When we did, I started getting teary-eyed na. (Am such a sap!)

This is me with some friends (A.U. and A.B.) -- if I look dishevelled, it's because my niece is really attracted to shiny things and she was pulling on my "shawl" (had beadwork on it) when I was holding her. ^_^

Re: reception -- I danced and drank (a glass of wine). I don't know why I did the dancing bit -- I took J's advice and treated the whole thing as an adventure -- the first time, I really couldn't find my rhythm, which prompted A (my cousin's hubby's best friend) to say that I might need to drink more. The second time, I was able to get the hang of it -- (I thought I did pretty well -- my cousin thought so ^_^)

We left the reception at 9-ish. We bumped into Fr. S (Jesuit) who presided over the wedding and A -- we join them for more wine (this time, Fragolino -- a sweet, sparkling wine -- yum!) and listened to Fr. S dispense advice. I like him -- he is so no-nonsense and frank, but also listens and tries to discern what it is that you really want. He's also so funny! (he's assigned in Iloilo, so I might go visit him when I go home -- strange, am actually looking forward to going home to Iloilo!)

^_^ I just happen to like how I look in this one -- ^_^

Day 3:

Our flight was at 3 in the afternoon -- the airport is 30 to 40 minutes away depending on the traffic. I had arranged for us to be picked up from the hotel at 1pm so we could take our time going to the airport.

Guess where we were at 130pm -- we were still having lunch! (My guy friends had a late night out *koff koff* and couldn't be bothered to wake up early enough)

We leave the hotel at around 150pm --

Conversation with the driver:
Me: Sir, 3 po yung flight po namin.
Driver: Ano?!? (shocked!)
Me: Kayo na po ang bahala sa amin.

I think we made a lot of enemies on the road that afternoon because we were speeding through the streets -- we manage to get to the airport at 215pm and check in --


This is us waiting to board the airplane.

and, the ultimate stress reliever --

A lovely welcome home present was waiting for me -- the first time I've ever received that kind of thing (yes, am being purposely vague -- ^_^) and it made me smile. ^_^

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Finished reading: Steve Martin's Shopgirl a few days back -- (thanks, E!)

"Mirabelle lies back on her bed holding the photos like a gin hand. Each one is a ticket to the past; each reveals a moment, not only in the faces but in the furniture and other objects in the background. She remembers that rocker, she remembers that magazine, she remembers that porcelain souvenir from Monticello. She stares into these photos, enters them. She knows that even though the same people and the same furniture are outside her door, the photo cannot be recreated, reposed, and snapped again, not without reaching through time. Everything is present but untouchable."

* * *

B told me this: You are haunted by the ghosts of people who haven't died yet.


* * *

Two new happy thoughts:
- March 17
- a blue bundle called "cebu survival kit"

... makes me smile thinking about it ^_^

* * *

So am off to Cebu for the weekend. Next blog update will be Sunday afternoon when I get back ^_^


Am not sure what am doing awake at this ungodly hour -- I just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep ... erg >_<

* * *

Am off to Cebu tomorrow for a friend's wedding -- the first wedding in my barkada. (yay!) I'm really excited and happy for them (though I feel a bit sad that I never really got to know the girl my friend is getting married to).

What amazes me about my college friends -- we hardly see each other anymore and yet, during those rare times that we do manage to get together, it is always familiar and comfortable --

When my friend informed us that he was getting married, there was little discussion or hesitation over whether we were attending his wedding in Cebu or not --

I love this about my friends -- ^_^

* * *

Watched 50 First Dates last night --
for the very OC: try to count if it is really 50 first dates ^_^

It is such a funny movie (I thought the dialogue was very clever -- though my friend pointed out that some parts were weak)

Insight for the evening:
Me: (seeing a solitary star in the sky -- this is at 9-something already) Oh, look -- a star. The first one I see tonight. Normally, I'd wish on it, but I know there are other stars out there. (I look around for other stars.)
J: Well, it may not be the first star of the evening, but it's the first one you see tonight so go ahead.

And somehow that made sense -- I realized that it has to be about faith some times.

So I made my wish. ^_^

* * *

In thesis news --

It seems I have to choose a panel to defend my proposal to. This is the same panel that I will have to defend my thesis to in December. I will be given an hour to discuss and defend my chapter 1 before they pick it apart and hand it back to me in tatters. erg --

Am really not looking forward to the prospect of writing my thesis -- it took me 3 major revisions and 3 minor ones (it was version 3.something that was finally approved) and almost a year to complete my chapter 1 and now I have less than 10 months to write 5 more chapters. Help --

* * *

Oh, and a really good place to have dessert is Goodies and Sweets -- (I happen to like the branch in Greenhills Shopping Center ^_^)

Tried the chocnut ice cream (I really didn't know what I was looking for in chocnut ice cream -- but this was okay. It was very good vanilla ice cream with chocnut bits ---) and J had me try the mochamisu -- yum!

3:33am -- I really should try to get more sleep. =P

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Listening to Cynthia Alexander's Rippingyarns

* * *

How vulnerable you allow yourself to be
loving this angel with the missing wing
Why do you look at the ground and see the sparkle of the moonlight
and think they could be stars?

Where is your bliss?
Have you given it all to me?
Is that what makes me soar, despite my one wing?
I don't deserve it.

All my roads are yellow-bricked.
You make them golden.

* * *

It's all about placebos--

I was up at 430 this morning. This is because I slept really early last night (9ish) after slopping on some aromatherapy stuff that's supposed to regulate my moods -- yeah, right -- but it smelled good, so --

Am I feeling better? I don't know -- the real test is when I start relating to people later today. (I can't very well say that I bother me, can I? ^_^)

I think I'm okay -- guess that should be enough for now. ^_^

* * *

Dear everyone who is worried,

Please don't -- I'll be okay. ^_^

Thank you for caring. ^_^

* * *

From L's blog:

I don't want it to hurt. I don't want to linger and waste away.

"Oh dear Lord!" -- freak out, siguro. (I like being a girl ^_^)

Find a way to be visible again? ^_^

- Going to the beach on Sundays. Just sitting by the shore and listening to the water. Having cold spaghetti and lechon. Falling asleep in the car and having your dad carry you up to the house and put you to bed (since there are 5 of us, it alternates)

- Mom bringing home reams of tabloid size newsprint and we would run our own newspaper.

Star Wars? Jaws? The first movie to ever make an impression on me was Jaws.

Yes. I wanted to be President of the country so I could drain some waterfalls and replace the water with Coke. ^_^ (I was a kid when I thought of this ^_^)

Lots -- ^_^

Yes -- Pascal's wager ^_^ (but even without Pascal's wager, I still believe)

Revel in the solitude ^_^


No. I get scared and I don't forget these things easily.

I can sometimes sense things. My room in the other house had an entity that wouldn't leave --

Live my life. ^_^

have lots --

I respect people's choice. I don't see anything wrong with it.


Any place that is unhappy and I can't do anything about it. (Dirty places -- because I'm OC)

Yes, but when am up there na, it goes away.

I delegate -- I will have someone do the dirty work for me.

Yes. Nothing really big, though.

Hehehe -- not close friends. I'd say "acquaintances" --

Am in one.

Not really.

People I can't talk to. Movies that go nowhere.

More than a mil siguro. But I don't think I will ever compromise myself for money.

The log ride? Am really not a ride person eh -- (when my sister and I were at Euro Disney, we marked all the souvenir shops we could visit ^_^)

Least favorite ride: rollercoasters -- I get vertigo. =P


Yes. Although I don't think I will make a very good nun.

I like that gas commercial where the kid is buttering up to his future mother-in-law (shell? caltex?)

I'm intelligent enough to know my limits. The value of being number 2. (live well, laugh often, love much ^_^)

Peace and happiness.

As happy as happy gets. ^_^

Monday, March 15, 2004

This is about the traffic situation in Katipunan -- read it if you think it's relevant to you.

* * *

Am currently reading Lewis Carroll -- (the Alice stories) because I woke up this morning and felt I was dealing with too much reality. I needed to escape and decided to take comfort in Lewis Carroll's words.

There is nothing wrong with reality -- except that it is too real, too in-your-face -- it's all so overwhelming. I just needed a break from it -- (and I got it today ^_^).

I felt like I had nothing more to say to the world, so I stayed quiet and just listened (except there was nothing much to hear)


Am still feeling a bit out of sorts -- I don't know if this has something to do with how the planets are aligned or there's something off in my cosmic universe -- I really don't know.

Maybe it's just me --

Hehehe -- interesting horoscope from Yahoo:
Just because being a hostess can be fun does not mean that it is not exhausting! You experience this first-hand today, as your house fills with people who have come from near and far. And it is not even Thanksgiving! Who invited all of these people, anyway? You sigh and return to the kitchen for yet another round of beverages. Your good humor and natural grace pulls you through this time with aplomb, as it always does.

* * *

Had a great day yesterday -- no one got what they needed, but we all got something we enjoyed --

The dimsum at Mongkok was great and the dessert from Ice Monster was yum. (The company, sibs and J, was excellent ^_^)

I watched Amelie (thoroughly enjoyed it) and spent the rest of the afternoon being quiet -- sibs were out and I was home alone.

I really enjoy the silence -- I love the stillness of it and the peace that comes with it.

... which is why I don't understand how I can wake up today and be so -- down.


Maybe it is just one of those days -- ^_^

* * *

Oh, I needed to do this one -- (got the idea from M's blog ^_^)

Tin and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
  • Are rumoured to have conceived a pair of e-kids.
  • Intend to write to each other for the foreseeable future.
  • Feel wanted in every country.
  • Are the envy of all.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

LOL! ^_^ -- I *heart* Tony Leung Chiu-Wai ^_^

Sunday, March 14, 2004

For couples: (am not one, btw -- I just happen to like the name Oliver)

Tin and Oliver
  • Trying to adopt some pre-paid children.
  • Crazy about being able to watch television when the time is right.
  • Harbour intense love for each other.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

and --

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:kiteflying
Your haiku:evil find out at semi-blah
but things seem to be
Created by Grahame

Ah -- found the one I wanted to do:

The Google Image meme:

1. Enter your first name only into Google
2. Then click the "Images" tab
3. Pick your favorite and post it in your journal

(I used "Kiteflying")

lovely, isn't it?

it's by Melissa Egan and you can view her other works
here ^_^

* * *


Just finished watching Amelie --

Favorite lines:
"... your bones aren't made of glass. You can take life's knocks. If you let this chance go by... eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton." - Raymond Dufayel (the man with brittle bones)

^_^ -- I love this movie.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Got this from M's LJ -- (changed all reference of LJ to Blog)

1.Your blog "user name" & what it means:
Kiteflying = I happen to like the imagery (full of hope, etc. = optimistic me)
Serpent Beneath the Flower = this was my first online journal entry (in my other journal)

2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your blog represent who you actually are?
5? -- I filter a lot of things and thoughts.

3. How much about your life do you post to blog?
Enough of it, but not too much.

4. Is there anything you refuse to post about?
Yup yup -- my deep, deep thoughts ^_^

5. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own blog is to others?
It's not a consideration -- I blog for my own sake. If others read it, then they do. ^_^

6. From who/how did you find out about blogs?
Lots of people --

7. Has anyone ever started a blog because of you?
Yup! Two people = J and B.

8. Has anything on LJ ever caused you to establish, rethink, or even change your belief or position on something?
Yup --

9. How often do you respond to/comment on other peoples' blogs?
Not as much -- sometimes, I don't know what to say. Other times, it's better if I just said it to the person instead of leaving a comment.

10. Do you prefer to write in your blog, read other blogss?
I like doing both -- it has become a routine for me. I write about my thoughts for the day and then I visit the other blogs on my list to see how other people are doing. ^_^

11. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed, or got into an argument/flame war on your blog (or did it to someone else)?
No, thank God.

* * *

Currently listening to Sponge Cola -- thanks G ^_^

Don't Leave This Place by Sponge Cola

not the one
not the wave
not the call you failed to make
consequently left unsteady

class pictures
faded scribbles
not the bane of my existence
just the canvas of what was

don't look at me
and I won't look at you
I won't mind you
I am neither
can't you see

don't leave this place
where we learned to stand
on our feet
don't leave this place
where our lives were
once entwined

common sense of the morning
as mere remnants of a past
little nothings left behind

back then we would talk
and we'd talk
and we'd talk about
how real it could be

repaint my orange sku
squeeze it out and I'll
keep it all together
hold it in forever

we're just passing through

I wish I could stay
dream of something better
dream of something bigger

Friday, March 12, 2004

Listening to Indigo Girls: 1200 Curfews

* * *

If you guys have an hour to spare, challenge yourselves with this -- ^_^

... will be spending the evening trying to figure this out -- will let you know how this turns out ^_^

* * *

Currently reading: Steve Martin's Shopgirl -- thanks, E for lending it to me ^_^

... will resume Earthsea reading after this --

* * *

Something I'm really looking forward to: Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights (because of Diego Luna!!!) -- showing locally starting April 10

* * *

And do I really have a hand in my forgetting?--

This morning I had to reconstruct my resume -- I copied my brother's format and things were going smoothly until I had to write about my experiences for the past 6 years (from the time I graduated from college).

I had forgotten most of it -- even the title of my senior year thesis -- erg!

I had forgotten all the seminars I attended in Xavier School or when I attended summer school in Cambridge -- I had forgotten names, dates, places --

I look back at the last six years and I draw a blank -- there are images that are still vivid, but these aren't the ones meant for a resume.

And I wonder if I've really done something worthwhile with my life or if it really was just a blank (and it was sad to see my life reduced to two pages of short bond paper -- i really have an issue with this reductio ad absurdum, don't I?)


* * *

Time flies --

It's March. Summer is almost here. It's almost time to eat halo-halo with my sibs (a summer tradition).

I wonder where the time went -- it is as though I've placed my life on fast forward and all I see is a blur --

Can't believe sina E and C are graduating already -- they were my bro's first batch in AdMU. Gads, we're old ^_^

* * *

Met with the grad studies coordinator this morning. We discussed the time table for my thesis -- it seems I need to defend my chapter 1 before I can proceed to writing chapters 2 to 6. I haven't touched my thesis since October and I will need to reread all the literature again. Into the abyss? ^_^

Since I was already in AdMU, I decided to visit my former teachers -- Dr. B of the IS Dept (love this one! -- for my senior year, he was our dept head, my thesis advisor and poetry workshop teacher -- spent soooo much time with him ^_^) and Mr. R of the Filipino Dept -- Fil11 teacher (he arranged our seating alphabetically and I was right in front -- I like him because he made it easy for me to try to learn how to speak Filipino properly. I remember when I graduated and I told him that I was going to teach in Xavier, he was so pleased that he brought me to where the other AdMU teachers were and you could hear the pride in his voice when he said "Magiging guro ito.")

I grew up being surrounded (and influenced) by teachers -- I guess that's why I want to teach (all I ever wanted to do -- well, I did want to be a doctor too, but I discovered that I was scared of blood so --)

* * *

Oh, check my blogstops list -- I added two new links ^_^

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Listening to Charlotte Church's Voice of An Angel --

* * *

A Holy Week Retreat organized by the LS Campus Ministry Office
April 8-10, 2004 (7:30am to 12:30pm)
Escaler Hall, Science Education Complex (SEC) Bldg.

Retreat Directors
April 8, Maundy Thursday Fr. Jett Villarin, SJ
April 9, Good Friday Fr. Catalino Arévalo, SJ
April 10, Holy Saturday Fr. Vic Salanga, SJ

Retreat Fee(Live-Out): P1,000 (inclusive of merienda for all three days). For those who wish to spend these days of retreat on campus, there will be limited slots available for STAY-IN retreatants at the Pollock Center. The fee for stay-in retreatants is P2,500 which is inclusive of meals and lodging.

Tel Number: 426-6001 loc 5160-61

* * *

Okay, okay, breathe --

I passed my comprehensive exams!!!


(I was so scared this morning -- thanks, B for your faith ^_^)

Now I just have to worry about my thesis -- (which I haven't touched since last October - erg!)

* * *

This is me, the kamikaze koala --

It started last Saturday, J, M and I were on our way to dinner (Katre along Tomas Morato) and we were discussing the aura and energy of the people in the store.

I'd like to think I present a stern image (all walled-up, aloof and detached) -- after I told M this, he goes "Sweetie, what you are is a kamikaze koala" --

I have a mean and vicious side -- it's just that I've never been in a situation (not that I'm asking for one) that would have me be mean and vicious.

But I like the idea of being a kamikaze koala -- raar! ^_^ -- thanks, M! ^_^

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

To fall in love is to create a religion with a fallible god.
- Jorge Luis Borges

... I found this quote in the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism

* * * is a story
- Dr. Robert Sternberg

... was reading P and R's psych book (they're BS Psych sophomores -- it was an interesting read. I'll ask to borrow and photocopy some parts next time I see them)

* * *

"Do you have a feeling that I am rushing into things?" --

When J asked me this question last night, I didn't know what to say because I wasn't sure what he meant by it.

(Amazing how much clarity sleep gives me --)

It is 6 in the morning and I think I know what he means by it because I realized that I am rushing into things also --

I've been filling my days with all these activities. I'm constantly looking for something to do. I can never seem to catch my thoughts or to pause and reflect. And, while I can say that I'm just restless and antsy and that this will pass the minute I find out the results of my comprehensive exam (yes, my life revolves around a letter grade which two anonymous people will give me =P), there's that part of my brain that's telling me this isn't entirely the case.

And I wonder what it is exactly that I'm trying to run away from.
What is it that I am trying to avoid?
What is it that I am trying not to deal with?

I asked J if he knew why he's rushing -- and maybe I did so because I want to find my reasons for doing so.

I can't remember what he said and it doesn't really matter because those aren't my reasons.


* * *

Reflections on the canon --

"Mel and I were a badly dubbed, out-of-sync kung fu movie, with Mel as the action and me lagging behind as the dialogue. I thought I'd never catch her up. But which is more important: us reaching the same conclusions, or us reaching the same conclusions at the same time?" - Mike Gayle, Mr. Commitment

One of my favorite tracks in the Royal Tenenbaum's OST is Mothersbaugh's Canon -- I like how quiet it sounds. (Strange way to describe it, but I know very little of music -- sorry ^_^)

(I also like Pachelbel's Canon ^_^)

I like the idea that it is one melody played over and over, starting at different times to create this piece of music called a canon. (In another website, the canon is described as an echo -- ^_^)

I'd like to think of my life as one of the songs in that cosmic canon. I began when I begin. Though I find mself wanting to catch up with those who are ahead of me, I realize that this is the pace I am meant to walk at. I need to concentrate on playing my own part well.

And, though I may not be able to see the big picture, I know that it is there.

.. to each his own time
These Days by Nico (The Royal Tenenbaums OST)

I've been out walking
I don't do too much talking
These days, these days.
These days I seem to think a lot
About the things that I forgot to do
And all the times I had the chance to.

I've stopped my rambling,
I don't do too much gambling
These days, these days.
These days I seem to think about
How all the changes came about my ways
And I wonder if I'll see another highway.

I had a lover,
I don't think I'll risk another
These days, these days.
And if I seem to be afraid
To live the life that I have made in song
It's just that I've been losing so long.

La la la la la, la la.

I've stopped my dreaming,
I won't do too much scheming
These days, these days.
These days I sit on corner stones
And count the time in quarter tones to ten.
Please don't confront me with my failures,
I had not forgotten them.

The Fairest of the Seasons by Nico (The Royal Tenenbaums OST)

Now that it's time
Now that the hour hand has landed at the end
Now that it's real
Now that the dreams have given all they had to lend
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And maybe try another time
And do I really have a hand in my forgetting ?

Now that I've tried
Now that I've finally found that this is not the way,
Now that I turn
Now that I feel it's time to spend the night away
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And maybe finally split the rhyme
And do I really understand the undernetting ?

Yes and the morning has me
Looking in your eyes
And seeing mine warning me
To read the signs carefully.

Now that it's light
Now that the candle's falling smaller in my mind
Now that it's here
Now that I'm almost not so very far behind
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And maybe follow another sign
And do I really have a song that I can ride on ?

Now that I can
Now that it's easy, ever easy all around.
Now that I'm here
Now that I'm falling to the sunlights and a song
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And do I have to do just one
And can I choose again if I should lose the reason ?

Now that I smile,
Now that I'm laughing even deeper inside.
Now that I see,
Now that I finally found the one thing I denied
It's now I know do I stay or do I go
And it is finally I decide
That I'll be leaving
In the fairest of the seasons.

... what a great OST -- well worth it ^_^
... erm, the things in bold/highlight are the lines the I like ^_^

Monday, March 08, 2004

Listening to the Royal Tenenbaums OST (Thanks to A and D for getting it for me in HK ^_^)

* * *

Interesting -- (got this from a friend's friend's lj)

So, say you were meeting a new person--blind date, new friend, who knows. And you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are, and who you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box, with a dozen things in it for them to look at/read/listen to/taste/whatever. What would you put in the box?

... cheated -- this is more than 12 ^_^

1. notebooks and pens
2. a watch and eyeglasses
3. books: AS Byatt's Possession, the Faber and Faber WH Auden's Collected Poems, Tuesdays with Morrie
4. cds: RENT, Immortal Beloved OST, a cd with the songs Crash Into Me (DMB), Shimmer (Fuel), Taxi Ride (Tori Amos)
5. a bottle of The Body Shop's White Musk Bath and Shower Gel and Cetaphil
6. my UK journal and "happy thoughts" book
7. a pint of Coffee Crumble or Double Dutch
8. a bottle of Vitamin C and some bottles of orange juice
9. my cameras
10. can i stuff my sibs into this box? ^_^ (fine, a picture of them then)
11. a bottle of isopropyl alcohol (johnson's) -- never leave home without it ^_^
12. a copy of the e-mails between me and K

and this is fun -- try to make portraits of yourselves and your friends ^_^

* * *

Am working on my new PC -- the old one decided to develop bad sectors and died on me this weekend --
Had to burn files into cds and had a hard time deciding which files were important and which weren't --
I didn't want to waste cds on this so it boiled down to one folder -- where i keep all my works (academic and otherwise)

... and now, it's even more strange looking at this one cd with one folder -- that's three years of my life right there ^_^

* * *

A dropped by the store today and we had an interesting, albeit brief conversation about time -- it's interesting how we talk about it -- "make time", "kill time", "waste time" -- as though it were some sort of tangible that we had control over

but do we really? for the past few weeks, i've been talking about how time is moving by so quickly -- and, yet, for another friend it's crawling --

* * *


Just got back from having dessert with C and J -- (wonderful people ^_^)

Tomorrow is C's birthday, so I considered this the pre-birthday party, which was sooo much fun! We had dessert at Goodies and Sweets (in Greenhills) and I had the turtle pie -- sinful! ^_^

It was nice to be able to sit down with them and have a long, decent conversation (we're all busy people and it's hard to get our skeds to mesh --)

I love my friends. ^_^

Sunday, March 07, 2004

"Are you messenger or message?"
- A Wizard of Earthsea, Ursula K LeGuin

* * *

Currently listening to Joss Stone's The Soul Sessions --

* * *

There's a new store in Galleria called The Store With No Name -- cool, affordable stuff (clothes, btw ^_^).

The grad studies coordinator for English informed me that the results of my comprehensive exams have been forwarded to the Graduate School Services -- gads, tomorrow will either be a day of celebration or a day of sadness for me --

oh well, towel! ^_^

* * *

The universe feels right --
and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop (curse me and my suspicious nature! >_<)

maybe this time it won't?


Saturday, March 06, 2004

"To light a candle is to cast a shadow..."
- A Wizard of Earthsea, Ursula K LeGuin

... thanks B for lending me the books ^_^

* * *

See me be spontaneous --

M texted earlier today that he wanted to watch Mr. 80% again. I really wanted to watch this because I was impressed with BlueRep's Footloose and wanted to see more of their productions.

We dragged J along and had a grand time -- it was soooo funny! ^_^

Since M was bringing me, he decided to use the opportunity to bring me and J to Katre (which he has been raving about for the longest time) -- we had dinner there after the play. The place was great and the food was amazing! The service was excellent, too ^_^

* * *

Got a copy of Joss Stone's The Soul Sessions -- my golly! ganda! ^_^ (I listened to it twice in a row -- what a voice!)

Friday, March 05, 2004

^_^ --

My cousin left for Canada today (her flight got moved from next week) -- since it was super-short notice, I decided to give her my copy of Flipped (there was another copy in National Bookstore Katipunan when I got the book last Wednesday) so she would have something to read during the flight (trust me, those in-flight magazines can only entertain you for so long ^_^)

I went back to Natio this morning to get the other copy but it was gone. ~sigh~

So I got Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl --

"She was elusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew."

... I wish I could be more like Stargirl ^_^

Another good read ^_^ (but this book-a-day habit is getting expensive -- erg!)

* * *

Got a copy of my grad school transcripts this morning --

I had put off getting a copy for the longest time because I didn't want to know my grades for the last few classes I was taking. I was aware that I wasn't doing my best for these classes (and I felt sad about it because I really loved and admired the teachers who taught them).

Kaya I was relieved to see that I got really good grades for them, especially with Chapter 1 of my thesis. I knew this one sucked talaga -- I was writing for the sake of wanting to get it over and done with. I was prepared to get a "B" for this class.

And then he gave me an "A-" (I still maintain my average -- yay! ^_^) -- this pleases me to no end. I was beginning to think I wasn't worthy to be an EngLit grad student (yes, yes I succumbed to my insecurity and self-pity)


* * *

My Life Is Defined By Survey Questions (from G's blog)

1. Favorite breakfast is:
Peanut butter (on pancakes or bread)

2. The movie I've watched the most number of times is:
Dead Poet's Society -- one summer, I watched this movie everyday
Last Emperor -- another summer, I watched this movie every Friday
Royal Tenenbaums -- last count is 4 (and am compelled to watch it again)

3. Least favorite subject in school:
Bio and PolSci

4. I spend my leisure time by:
Read, play VtES, watch TV, blog, spend time with friends

5. Worst smell:
Dead cockroaches - erg!

6. If I could have any car in the world, what would it be?
A yellow Volkswagen (the new model), any car with a driver in it ^_^

7. Favorite household chore:
Filtering/Boiling water, organizing bookshelves

8. When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a:
A teacher, a doctor (until I discovered that I was scared of needles and blood)

9. Favorite colors:
Dark blue, black -- right now, I'm liking pink and all these pastel colors

10. Favorite performer:
Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan

11. When I die, I'd rather be cremated or buried:
Cremated and my ashes scattered around all the places that I loved

12. If I could repeat college, I'd take up:
Still IS (in Ateneo)

13. Three things I can't leave home without:
Key to my house, some money and my cellphone (this last one, am trying to wean away from)

14. First thing I bought with my first salary:
Treated my sibs to dinner, the rest I spent on clothes

15. I'd like to be remembered as:
I'd like to be remembered period. ^_^

16. If a book was made into a movie, would you still bother buying the book?
Yes. We've always been complete-ists.

17. Specialty in cooking?
Crepes (though it has been a while), peanut butter sandwiches ^_^

18. First crush?
wow -- so long ago! ^_^

19. Favorite hangout:
I'm in the store most of the time. Mall of choice is Podium or Powerplant.

20. Best place to shop?
Esprit (mindless for me because I know my size there), Just G (girly stuff ^_^), Chocolate

21. Do you like to watch plays?
Yes and, if I had more time (and people to watch it with), I'd watch more.

22. Favorite place in the house?
The loft. My bed. The twins' room.

23. Best gift you've given?
The ones I enjoyed getting the most:
- Songs from 31 Songs (for A -- who rarely reads but found time to read Nick Hornby's book ^_^. When he told me he enjoyed reading the book and was curious about the songs, I knew I had to get it for him.)
- A matching luggage set for my bro -- I've never given someone luggage before and it was fun picking it out ^_^

Given enough time and money, am usually good at getting people gifts (and am good at wrapping them) -- I love it when they open the gift and you see their faces light up. ^_^

24. Weirdest gift you've received:
Someone gave me underwear one Christmas -- we didn't know what to make of it and it was hard to explain to the yayas. =P

25. Gift that you want to receive at this moment:
- Another copy of Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen ^_^
- A new PC (this one is acting up na >_<)

26. Gift you want to receive Valentines Day:
I gave myself a day at the spa this year and that was wonderful. Had dinner with very good friends on Valentine's eve and that was memorable.

* * *

I like that my sibs call me Ditch. ^_^

My family. My peace. People whom I love.

The Body Shop's White Musk ^_^

Hahahahaha -- what a question ^_^

Am using an Ericsson, so I have a generic ringtone -- but with my Nokia, the first ringtone I would get is Seasons of Love from Rent

Any bookstore. ^_^

Loss. Heartbreak.

- What day is it? What time is it?

The WWF (wrestling) OST -- but am not embarassed by it at all.

Hehehe, this changes every time I pick up name book. ^_^

... can't think of one right now -- been ages since I watched a movie with a villain ^_^

Here. Now. ^_^ (I don't believe in going back to change things or going forward to see how things will turn out. I'd like to believe that I'm capable of making sound decisions and that I should stick by them regardless of the outcome.)

Someone else, not me. But I want to have control over this person. ^_^

Ethan. ^_^

Third Rock from the Sun. That 70s show.

Boy bands. ^_^

Never to the point of puking. I know my limits. ^_^

I'm bound to change my mind (am a fickle pickle >_<) -- but, for now:
- Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo DVD Boxed Set
- shoes (a nice pair for evenings)
- my bro's phone

Not to march to -- but I want "I'll Cover You" from Rent

Am at the store. ^_^

At the moment? The OST to The Classic makes me want to cry (because of that movie -- haaaay)

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I finished reading a really great book today -- (Thanks, M for introducing me to this author ^_^)

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen --

"... like the world is moving all around you, all beneath you, all inside you, and you're floating. Floating in midair. And the only thing keeping you from drifting away is the other person's eyes. They're connected to yours by some invisible physical force, and they hold you fast while the rest of the world swirls and twirls and falls completely away."


"Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss ... but every once in a while you find someone who's iridiscent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare."

... very light and very sweet story ^_^

* * *

I love the people in my life -- I learn so much from each one. My world is a playground and I have fun every day ^_^ (and, on those days that I don't -- the company is always excellent)

Thank you all. ^_^

* * *

I love orange juice --

The weather has been very crazy -- it's too hot!

I'm feeling a tickle in my throat (don't tell me I'm going to get sick =P)

... these sentences make very little sense -- sorry ^_^

* * *

Tempus fugit!

By this time, I would be making plans re: where am going for the Holy Week --

This year, I'm strangely compelled to stay put -- maybe just take a quick trip to the beach (be near the water) or something.

I wonder where my wanderlust went -- (now say this three times fast ^_^)

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

got this from M's LJ -- lol! ^_^


is a Giant Blob that breathes Ice Vapour, is Worshipped as a God, can Phase in and out of Existence, shoots Laser Beams, and has Suckers on its Feet.

Strength: 10 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 1

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Kiteflying, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Kiteflying using

I like the part that says I am worshipped as a god. (Ignore the part about me being a giant blob ^_^)

* * *

Activities for March:

Vagina Monologues
March 18 - 20, Republic of Malate
For further inquiries, please call 896-6695 or email Tickets are available at Ticketworld Outlets at 891-5610.

It's also Eiga Sai at UP (entrance is free) and there's a Rakugo performance at CCP this Thursday.

And the Philippine Philharmonic is playing Beethoven's 5th Symphony on the 19th at the CCP.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Still reading Mike Gayle's Mr. Commitment --

Some interesting excerpts:
"It was Mel's way when she was unhappy to clean -- to make sense of her environment by completing tasks that were completable. The room seemed to echo her thoughts: 'If only life were cleanable. If only it was a question of time and effort before life took on some semblance of peace and order.'"

<--- this is how i feel when the world gets to me -- I have this urge to sort and fix things =P


"Can't you see what I'm saying? All these couples are going round trying desperately to improve everything in their lives because they want to be perfect. They want to have a perfect house, go to perfect restaurants and have the perfect relationship. But nothing's perfect, so they'll never be happy because they're not focusing on what they've got, only on what comes next. I love you, Mel. We'll be all right. We will. I know we're not perfect but we're so much better together than the alternative."

<--- wow. (In case you're wondering, it's the guy saying this)

* * *

Meet my inner bitch --

It started out really pleasant in the store today. (Some would consider quiet as bad for business, but I don't mind it at all -- customers came, we attended to them and left)

And then this --

People I didn't know or recognize decided to be "comfortable" in the store -- scattering their bags here and there and taking up very important bench space. This went on for an hour or so --

I don't claim to know all the customers, but I'd like to think I'm familiar with the faces of a number of them. (And you get the sense that these people had absolutely no business being there -- read: not interested in comics or VtES -- and that they were there because they had nothing better to do.)

We tried to tolerate the situation -- but found that we couldn't. At one point, my sister had to tell the guy to stop drumming (WTF, di ba?) and there was the foot stomping and some other annoying things.

Basta, it was annoying.

When they started to get really loud, (and there are only 6 of you in the store) I went over to them and told them to keep their voices down. I didn't even bother to be polite or to take out the irritation from my voice. I really just let it go.

I went back to where I usually sit at the far side of the store and continued to read -- G had to ask me if I was okay. (I was ^_^)

I'm normally passive-aggressive about these things -- but I really couldn't tolerate them disturbing my peace.


to clarify: i don't mind people hanging out in the store -- i like it that they do. (gives me a chance to catch up with them na rin)

* * *

Ah, on a happy note --

Met a new person today -- B is M's friend and a fellow debater. (i like that i was immediately at ease with her --)

It turns out, she also designs clothes -- I've always been intrigued by this and have been meaning to find a young designer to make clothes for me. We talked about fabric and design and what she's done na -- and I told her that, when I get money, I'll have her make me a dress.

She looked at me and said, "normally, i would charge for this. but, since you're nice --"

It _is_ a lovely dress and I will have her make it for me -- soon. ^_^

* * *
This is my new desktop wallpaper --

E drew this last Monday. I was in an exceptionally good mood and my spirits were high. (M said my aura that day was very bright ^_^)

... and I love my new shoes. ^_^

Yes, I am happy and fairly content with the way my life is going. ^_^

Monday, March 01, 2004

For those interested:
UST Writers Workshop will be held in Baguio on April 25 to May 1
Deadline for submission of entries is this March 15. (at least 5 poems, or two short stories or two one-act plays)
For more info, call 7313103 loc. 8281

* * *

Had a really good conversation with J kanina -- it's always interesting to know his thoughts because I've always wondered whether we think the same (we're sort of kambal = born same day, same year, etc. -- he, however, does not have a self-flagellating side =P)

Over really horrible french fries and over-mayoed burgers, we talked about life, movies, etc. etc. (Put my mind at ease about a lot of things ^_^ -- thanks J)

* * *

Reading Mike Gayle's Mr. Commitment -- it's pretty good. He does sound a bit like Nick Hornby.

(there are excerpts of this available in ^_^)

* * *

re: Oscars --

didn't get to watch it because I had to go to work -- but had friends giving me updates every so often (thanks, M)

Was disappointed that Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola didn't win for Lost in Translation (although that Best Screenplay award is still something -- I was amazed with her work in Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation was just as wonderful -- )

Am happy that Finding Nemo won ^_^

Will try to watch the rerun tonight
currently listening to: Green Day's Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) and When I Come Around

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why.
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.
It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time.
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial.
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.
It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

* * *

Oldies but goodies --

Was in Astroplus, Podium with my bro yesterday looking for new vcds to watch. Walked past the shelf for old movies and remembered the summer we spent just watching all the old stuff -- (this is where I started watching and liking James Stewart and Auprey Hepburn movies)

Here are my favorites:
1. Breakfast at Tiffany's -- my feel-good movie
2. Barefoot in the Park (Robert Redford and Jane Fonda)
3. High Society (Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra) and The Philadelphia Story (Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn and James Stewart) -- same story, one is a musical and the other, well ... isn't ^_^
4. Hello Dolly! (Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthau) -- yes, yes I like Barbra Streisand =P
5. The Way We Were (Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford) -- now this one just makes you cry and cry and cry -- erg!
6. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid -- um ... Paul Newman AND Robert Redford in the same movie = 'nuff said ^_^
7. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof -- Tennessee Williams talaga and his catharsis =P

* * *

It's the start of another week. It's the start of another month. -- tempus fugit ^_^

And it's Oscars morning -- I want Ken Watanabe (Last Samurai) and Bill Murray (Lost in Translation) to win ...