Thursday, March 18, 2004


Am not sure what am doing awake at this ungodly hour -- I just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep ... erg >_<

* * *

Am off to Cebu tomorrow for a friend's wedding -- the first wedding in my barkada. (yay!) I'm really excited and happy for them (though I feel a bit sad that I never really got to know the girl my friend is getting married to).

What amazes me about my college friends -- we hardly see each other anymore and yet, during those rare times that we do manage to get together, it is always familiar and comfortable --

When my friend informed us that he was getting married, there was little discussion or hesitation over whether we were attending his wedding in Cebu or not --

I love this about my friends -- ^_^

* * *

Watched 50 First Dates last night --
for the very OC: try to count if it is really 50 first dates ^_^

It is such a funny movie (I thought the dialogue was very clever -- though my friend pointed out that some parts were weak)

Insight for the evening:
Me: (seeing a solitary star in the sky -- this is at 9-something already) Oh, look -- a star. The first one I see tonight. Normally, I'd wish on it, but I know there are other stars out there. (I look around for other stars.)
J: Well, it may not be the first star of the evening, but it's the first one you see tonight so go ahead.

And somehow that made sense -- I realized that it has to be about faith some times.

So I made my wish. ^_^

* * *

In thesis news --

It seems I have to choose a panel to defend my proposal to. This is the same panel that I will have to defend my thesis to in December. I will be given an hour to discuss and defend my chapter 1 before they pick it apart and hand it back to me in tatters. erg --

Am really not looking forward to the prospect of writing my thesis -- it took me 3 major revisions and 3 minor ones (it was version 3.something that was finally approved) and almost a year to complete my chapter 1 and now I have less than 10 months to write 5 more chapters. Help --

* * *

Oh, and a really good place to have dessert is Goodies and Sweets -- (I happen to like the branch in Greenhills Shopping Center ^_^)

Tried the chocnut ice cream (I really didn't know what I was looking for in chocnut ice cream -- but this was okay. It was very good vanilla ice cream with chocnut bits ---) and J had me try the mochamisu -- yum!

3:33am -- I really should try to get more sleep. =P

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