Monday, March 01, 2004

For those interested:
UST Writers Workshop will be held in Baguio on April 25 to May 1
Deadline for submission of entries is this March 15. (at least 5 poems, or two short stories or two one-act plays)
For more info, call 7313103 loc. 8281

* * *

Had a really good conversation with J kanina -- it's always interesting to know his thoughts because I've always wondered whether we think the same (we're sort of kambal = born same day, same year, etc. -- he, however, does not have a self-flagellating side =P)

Over really horrible french fries and over-mayoed burgers, we talked about life, movies, etc. etc. (Put my mind at ease about a lot of things ^_^ -- thanks J)

* * *

Reading Mike Gayle's Mr. Commitment -- it's pretty good. He does sound a bit like Nick Hornby.

(there are excerpts of this available in ^_^)

* * *

re: Oscars --

didn't get to watch it because I had to go to work -- but had friends giving me updates every so often (thanks, M)

Was disappointed that Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola didn't win for Lost in Translation (although that Best Screenplay award is still something -- I was amazed with her work in Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation was just as wonderful -- )

Am happy that Finding Nemo won ^_^

Will try to watch the rerun tonight

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