Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Listening to Charlotte Church's Voice of An Angel --

* * *

A Holy Week Retreat organized by the LS Campus Ministry Office
April 8-10, 2004 (7:30am to 12:30pm)
Escaler Hall, Science Education Complex (SEC) Bldg.

Retreat Directors
April 8, Maundy Thursday Fr. Jett Villarin, SJ
April 9, Good Friday Fr. Catalino Arévalo, SJ
April 10, Holy Saturday Fr. Vic Salanga, SJ

Retreat Fee(Live-Out): P1,000 (inclusive of merienda for all three days). For those who wish to spend these days of retreat on campus, there will be limited slots available for STAY-IN retreatants at the Pollock Center. The fee for stay-in retreatants is P2,500 which is inclusive of meals and lodging.

Tel Number: 426-6001 loc 5160-61

* * *

Okay, okay, breathe --

I passed my comprehensive exams!!!


(I was so scared this morning -- thanks, B for your faith ^_^)

Now I just have to worry about my thesis -- (which I haven't touched since last October - erg!)

* * *

This is me, the kamikaze koala --

It started last Saturday, J, M and I were on our way to dinner (Katre along Tomas Morato) and we were discussing the aura and energy of the people in the store.

I'd like to think I present a stern image (all walled-up, aloof and detached) -- after I told M this, he goes "Sweetie, what you are is a kamikaze koala" --

I have a mean and vicious side -- it's just that I've never been in a situation (not that I'm asking for one) that would have me be mean and vicious.

But I like the idea of being a kamikaze koala -- raar! ^_^ -- thanks, M! ^_^

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