Tuesday, March 30, 2004

From M's LJ

If I were... I would be

- a stone: a skipping stone ^_^
- a tree: coconut (so useful, that tree is)
- a bird: eagle (boring answer, i know =P)
- a machine: a photocopier!
- a tool: screwdriver
- a flower/plant: sunflower
- a kind of weather: a light drizzle -- lol!
- a mythical creature: a fanciful unicorn a la Deedee (Dexter's Lab)
- a musical instrument: cello (i've always loved the sound ^_^)
- an animal: lol! kamikaze koala!
- a color: blue
- an emotion: that feeling you get when you know someone loves you
- a vegetable: broccoli? carrots? ah, cucumber!
- a sound: rain as it falls
- an Element: oxygen? ^_^ fire!
- a car: the car Ryan Philippe drives in Cruel Intentions (a jag)
- a song: (I don't think I'm worthy, though -- hehehehe) DMB's Crash into Me
- to trade places with another person: lol! I won't! Am perfectly happy being me. (but, for a day? Maybe be Wong Kar-Wai so I can work with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai -- hehehehe ^_^)
- a movie: Before Sunrise
- a food: shrimp dumpling noodle soup ^_^
- a place: The Orchard at Granchester, Cambridge / my bed (the left side)
- a material: Cotton ^_^
- a taste: Sweet
- a religion: ?
- an object: a pair of eyeglasses
- a word: breathe
- a body part: hands
- a facial expression: the look you get when you're asleep
- a subject in school: Literature
- a cartoon: not a cartoon, but an anime: FLCL
- a shape: a square
- a number: 6
- a month: January!
- a day of the week: Wednesdays (everything good happens on this day)
- a time of day: Early mornings
- a direction: West
- a piece of furniture: my bed
- a sin: Lust -- lol! ^_^ (seriously? Pride)
- a historical figure: like M -- Joan of Arc
- a liquid: water
- a method of death: ?
- a planet: Earth
- a scent: The Body Shop's White Musk
- a sea animal: dolphin

* * *

Discovered a new game -- Landlord (trust VtES players to turn a perfectly harmless deck of cards into a fun but cutthroat and merciless game ^_^)

* * *

(I love my hun. ^_^)

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