Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Still reading Mike Gayle's Mr. Commitment --

Some interesting excerpts:
"It was Mel's way when she was unhappy to clean -- to make sense of her environment by completing tasks that were completable. The room seemed to echo her thoughts: 'If only life were cleanable. If only it was a question of time and effort before life took on some semblance of peace and order.'"

<--- this is how i feel when the world gets to me -- I have this urge to sort and fix things =P


"Can't you see what I'm saying? All these couples are going round trying desperately to improve everything in their lives because they want to be perfect. They want to have a perfect house, go to perfect restaurants and have the perfect relationship. But nothing's perfect, so they'll never be happy because they're not focusing on what they've got, only on what comes next. I love you, Mel. We'll be all right. We will. I know we're not perfect but we're so much better together than the alternative."

<--- wow. (In case you're wondering, it's the guy saying this)

* * *

Meet my inner bitch --

It started out really pleasant in the store today. (Some would consider quiet as bad for business, but I don't mind it at all -- customers came, we attended to them and left)

And then this --

People I didn't know or recognize decided to be "comfortable" in the store -- scattering their bags here and there and taking up very important bench space. This went on for an hour or so --

I don't claim to know all the customers, but I'd like to think I'm familiar with the faces of a number of them. (And you get the sense that these people had absolutely no business being there -- read: not interested in comics or VtES -- and that they were there because they had nothing better to do.)

We tried to tolerate the situation -- but found that we couldn't. At one point, my sister had to tell the guy to stop drumming (WTF, di ba?) and there was the foot stomping and some other annoying things.

Basta, it was annoying.

When they started to get really loud, (and there are only 6 of you in the store) I went over to them and told them to keep their voices down. I didn't even bother to be polite or to take out the irritation from my voice. I really just let it go.

I went back to where I usually sit at the far side of the store and continued to read -- G had to ask me if I was okay. (I was ^_^)

I'm normally passive-aggressive about these things -- but I really couldn't tolerate them disturbing my peace.


to clarify: i don't mind people hanging out in the store -- i like it that they do. (gives me a chance to catch up with them na rin)

* * *

Ah, on a happy note --

Met a new person today -- B is M's friend and a fellow debater. (i like that i was immediately at ease with her --)

It turns out, she also designs clothes -- I've always been intrigued by this and have been meaning to find a young designer to make clothes for me. We talked about fabric and design and what she's done na -- and I told her that, when I get money, I'll have her make me a dress.

She looked at me and said, "normally, i would charge for this. but, since you're nice --"

It _is_ a lovely dress and I will have her make it for me -- soon. ^_^

* * *
This is my new desktop wallpaper --

E drew this last Monday. I was in an exceptionally good mood and my spirits were high. (M said my aura that day was very bright ^_^)

... and I love my new shoes. ^_^

Yes, I am happy and fairly content with the way my life is going. ^_^

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