Thursday, February 19, 2009

The inner geek surfaces! --

Was beginning to wonder where it was. ^_^

I want this --

Shakespeare: The Bard board game

Product Description:
As the role of an Elizabethan theatre entrepreneur trying to put on plays, the object is to acquire Shakespeare's scripts, form companies, and acquire props and large sums of money to enable these productions. Throughout the game, there are opportunities to earn money by answering questions on Shakespeare's plays (trivia) as well as reading short extracts of his plays (performance). There are also opportunities to trade, pick a fight with your rival, or flirt with a neighbor to persuade them to participate in future endeavors. Meanwhile, Fate cards are drawn to either help or hinder play, adding an interesting twist. The goal is to earn the most Acclaim Points by the end of the game (based on plays and assets).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's 2009 --

Johann and I were thinking of what to do this Valentine's Day -- and we ended up purchasing dinner vouchers to one of our favorite places in Iloilo.


The Saturday Buffet at the Promenade of Day's Hotel is considered quite expensive here in Iloilo and we only indulge in it once or twice a year (usually at New Year's and at one other time in the middle of the year) --

We bought our tickets early and were able to reserve a good table --

It was very rainy yesterday and it made everything very gray and gloomy but we were looking forward to our "grand" meal --

I had thought it would be a "couple's day" so it surprised me to see families -- WHOLE families -- all in red, having Valentine's dinner together.

The dessert table was AMAZING. They had strawberry-based desserts (the trifle was yummy!) and chocolate-based desserts (Johann loved their tiramisu).

On Tuesday, we're having a post-Valentine's celebration -- we're watching Underworld and having dinner at SM City. ^_^

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Iloilo's Biggest Burger --

I read about Perri Todd's in Flavours of Iloilo and was curious about it.

Two days ago, we decided to look for the place and was surprised to discover that it was relatively near my house. O_o (We even took the roundabout route and started from the farthest point of that street.)

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the place was packed (read: food must be good).

We gave the waiter our order and asked him how long it would take to get our burger -- he told us it wouldn't take long because they have the grill going and they were continuously cooking burgers.

True enough, after about 5 minutes (was going to write "3 minutes" but that wouldn't be that believable) we got our cheeseburger.

I was very, very excited to get home -- I couldn't wait to get my teeth into a grilled burger. (Up to this point, our burger experience in Iloilo has been limited to Mcdo and Jollibee.)

We were expecting a big burger -- but we didn't expect it to be this big.




The plain burger costs 100 pesos and the cheeseburger (what we got) is 120 pesos. They have extra toppings available (bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese) for 30 pesos each.

We divided the burger into 6 portions and it was delicious! I wish I had a side of fries with my portion.

Johann thinks he can eat a whole burger by himself. O_o

This seems to be their "official" announcement/advertisement:

Perri Todd's is a to go delivery service which sells burgers, pasta and baby back ribs.

A burger (plain) costs 100 pesos (good for 4 pax)
add ons (bacon, caramelized onion, pineapple, grilled patty, and cheese) are for 30 pesos each.

Pastas (carbonara, seafood, and pomodoro) are for only 120 (good for 3-4 pax)

Minimum for delivery is 300.00 pesos

However, if you are within Jaro area, the management will deliver orders above 200 pesos.

CALL PERRI TODD's at (033)508-25-98, and order now.

Friday, February 06, 2009

It pays to be nice --

Yesterday I learned that --

You can get both Chocolate AND Caramel on your McDo Sundae if you ask nicely.

(I guess it also helps to be a waddling, pregnant woman. ^_^)

* * *

So, guess what we try to watch every evening --

Deal or No Deal on ABS-CBN.

Interesting exercise in risk-taking. ^_^

Monday, February 02, 2009

Currently watching --

Fringe --

I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying the show, actually --

* * *

Currently craving --

Still chocolate and caramel. ~Sigh~