Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's 2009 --

Johann and I were thinking of what to do this Valentine's Day -- and we ended up purchasing dinner vouchers to one of our favorite places in Iloilo.


The Saturday Buffet at the Promenade of Day's Hotel is considered quite expensive here in Iloilo and we only indulge in it once or twice a year (usually at New Year's and at one other time in the middle of the year) --

We bought our tickets early and were able to reserve a good table --

It was very rainy yesterday and it made everything very gray and gloomy but we were looking forward to our "grand" meal --

I had thought it would be a "couple's day" so it surprised me to see families -- WHOLE families -- all in red, having Valentine's dinner together.

The dessert table was AMAZING. They had strawberry-based desserts (the trifle was yummy!) and chocolate-based desserts (Johann loved their tiramisu).

On Tuesday, we're having a post-Valentine's celebration -- we're watching Underworld and having dinner at SM City. ^_^

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julochka said...

for some reason that made me long for the chocolate buffet at the pen in manila. (sigh). :-)