Thursday, July 21, 2005

To make you go "Wha-?" --

0n3 nigh7, i dr34m7 i w4s sp34king in f1u3n7 1337.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

LOVE! --

Wow! I'm getting married on Saturday! Hurrah! ^_^

A lot of people have said that neither Johann nor I look harassed or panicked, considering that our wedding is a few days away. Many are surprised that we both intend to work until Friday (although we're both leaving work early).

There's still so much that we need to do -- a bare condo that is in desperate need of furniture. Last-minute necessities for the night before, during the day and the after.

But we refuse to rush or panic -- as far as we're concerned, the most important thing is that we're getting married (and the church is all set) -- the rest is fluff.

* * *

Insight --

I realized that I don't know how to travel with a husband. I'm so used to traveling with siblings and I'm an expert on how that works. But a husband is an entirely different thing altogether.

For example, how do we handle the travel money. I'm used to splitting it 5 ways and then it's every person's responsibility to manage it so that they have enough for the duration of their stay. I was getting ready to do that with Johann, but I realized that it didn't feel right.

And clothes and toiletries -- I'm so used to sharing a luggage with my sister so I don't have to pack as much clothes or *ahem* other items because I can usually just borrow if I run out. But now I'm sharing with Johann and, while we love the same bath products, there are certain things we can't share (like deodorant/antiperspirant, feminine products, etc)

It's curious -- in a good way. ^_^

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Interested? --

A friend is selling his camera -- here are the details:

Sony Cybershot S-85. 4.1 Megapixel with manual features. Includes the original box and all the cables and manuals. Will throw in my spare 64MB memory stick with the 16 that came with it and the black leather carrying case.

Sony DSC-S85 Features:

- 4.1-Megapixel Super HAD CCD, images up to 2272 x 1704 pixels
- Sharp and fast 3x Carl Zeiss 34-102mm F2 zoom lens
- 14 bit A/D converter for more accurate capture of detail
- Fast autofocus with AF illuminator and manual focusing via jog dial
- Program AE, Aperture priority, Shutter priority and full Manual
- Auto exposure bracketing
- Images stored as compressed JPEG or uncompressed TIFF
- 1.8-inch EX Bright color LCD
- Optical eyelevel finder with dioptric adjustment
- MPEG motion video with audio, MPEG EX for unlimited clip lengths
- Up to 10 frames can be saved as a Clip Motion GIF
- Shutter speeds from 1/1,000 to 8 seconds
- Apertures from f/2.1 to f/8.0
- Exposure compensation, +/-2EV in 1/3EV increments
- Spot metering and AE Lock functions
- Built-in flash with four modes plus variable output intensity
- External flash connection jack and shoe for the HVLF-1000 strobe
- Adjustable white balance with presets and one-push custom
- Picture Effects: Solarized, sepia, B&W, Negative Art
- Image Tone and Sharpness settings
- Automatic ISO or fixed at 100, 200, or 400
- Sony InfoLithium® "M" battery, up to 3,000 shots
- Images stored on removable MemoryStick media, 16MB included
- High-speed USB connection for image downloading

20k for the whole deal. ^_^

If you're interested, let me know so I can inform my friend.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Guess what happens when English teachers come together for a bridal shower --

You will get games like "Guess Who the Partner was?" and get questions like "Who was Antigone betrothed to?" and "Who is the lover of Heloise?"

Oh, and political questions like "Spell 'lapse'" and how many paragraphs there are in the Ateneo statement regarding GMA.

And Ma'am Shayne singing and your bosses giving really good wishes (and telling you to take the day off the day before the wedding)

It was so much fun! I was so touched the department threw me the shower. ^_^

* * *

E is for E! --

... and C is for C!

I finally got a chance to meet and have lunch with Camy and Elbert. They gave me presents! Free Comics! Hurrah!

We met at Seattle's for coffee and had lunch in the Ateneo caf.

Fun, fun meeting -- a welcome break from the hustle/bustle of wedding preparations.

* * *

From a student's quickwrite activity --

Topic was "What makes us 'us'?" --

"The question "what" is inappropriate, suggesting that it is an item or a specific thing that is needed to define Filipinos. I would instead ask "how" -- How do us make us?


To be Filipino is not about citizenship -- it is about commitment. It means not just living in the country, but loving the country."

I was sobrang impressed! I had him read it twice. ^_^

... and this was in my En10 class. I'm so proud. *sniff!*

* * *

7 days to go! --

This time next week, I won't have the luxury to sit in front of the PC to do my usual morning bloghop -- I will probably be fussed over by a score of people who will be helping me get ready for the wedding.

I'm bursting with excitement. I can't wait! ^_^

Monday, July 11, 2005

Crazy weekend! --

Friday --

I had a schedule to meet up with CDy and Jan to play with my Gocco. It turns out that they had been secretly planning (with Johann's help) a bridal shower for me.

It became suspicious when my sister decided to stay for dinner and when JC came through the door.

I had so much fun! We were drinking Bailey's and playing *ahem* games.

(And I still got a chance to show CDy my Gocco! I made one print as a sample and I'll post that in my other blog.)

The shower ended at midnight, but I was still a bit hyper from the food and the games so I slept at 2am.

Saturday --

Woke up at 5. (This is an automatic thing for me.) Johann and I were going to deliver some of our wedding-related materials to our coordinators for safekeeping. It was another busy, busy day.

11am -- Meet with Kasalan in Greenbelt
230pm -- Meet with cousins at Njork and then go to Half Moon for bibingcrepe (their first time there!)
6pm -- A friend's birthday party in Katipunan

Got home at 10pm. Was dead tired.

* * *

And Sunday --

Sunday's entry deserves a section of its own because of this guy:

Image hosted by

And this guy:

Image hosted by

Throughout Saturday, we would receive messages from friends who went to see Neil Gaiman at Powerplant. I got a message from my friend at 11am and he was already #660 in the signing queue.

Apparently, Neil Gaiman's signing stint at Powerplant ended at 1 in the morning.

At first, I wasn't planning to go anymore. I still had so much stuff to do and Sunday was supposed to be the day to do it.

But my hunny was determined to meet one of his favorite writers.

I wasn't supposed to come along, but I really wanted to share in the experience with Johann. So, at 815 in the morning, I took a 10-minute jeep ride to Promenade and lined up.

There were about a hundred people ahead of me, so I took that to be a good sign. I was definitely going to meet Neil Gaiman today.

The organizers started handing out numbers at 1030 and, after we got our numbers, we decided to use that pocket of time (a la Rachel Ray) to do some wedding-related errands in the area.

Unfortunately, our jeweller is apparently closed on Sundays so we weren't able to pick up our rings. Johann and I were also looking for a day bed, but the furniture area in Shoppesville was still closed when we got there.

We had lunch at around 1130 and then went back in line at around 1pm.

I'm glad Johann and I decided to go with friends. It really made the waiting easier. While waiting in line, I looked up and this was what the sky looked like.

Image hosted by

Neil Gaiman arrived at around 3 and did a short reading of his book, Anansi Boys.

Image hosted by

And then the signings started. We were informed that, out of courtesy, they were limiting the maximum number of books to be signed to 2 per person. This is to make sure that all 600 of us would be accommodated that day and Neil Gaiman requested to be back in his hotel by 8pm so we had about 4 hours to go through 600 people.

At this point, I was already getting discouraged. If the day before was any indication of how today would have been, then I was n't going to be able to have him sign my book. There were 200 pink numbers and 200 green numbers and 100 blue numbers ahead of me. But I decided to stay on.

The max limit of 2 books per person really helped. I think they managed to get through all 600 of us by 7pm.

I was sunburned and my skin asthma had flared up because of the heat and the dust, but I tell you -- it was all worth it.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

<-- I'm holding a letter from a friend who wasn't able to get a number and asked me to give it to Neil Gaiman.

* * *

My conversation with Neil Gaiman --

Me: Welcome, Mr Gaiman. We are very happy to have you here.
NG: Really? I honestly wasn't expecting this kind of reception. Had I know I had such crazy fans here, I would have come sooner.
Me: We have been looking forward to your visit a very long time and we hope you can come back soon.
NG: You know what? I just might. I was very happy with how things turned out in Singapore and I'm already talking to them about possibly coming back.
Me: (handing him the letter) A friend who didn't get a number wanted me to give you this.
NG: Well, thank you.
Me: And another friend asked me to give you a hug for him. Is that okay?
NG: (Looks up at me with a smile) Go for it.

So, Mahar, I did hug him for you. ^_^

Thursday, July 07, 2005

16 days --

July seems to hold so many significant events for me --

From the 9th to the 11th, Neil Gaiman will be in town.

On the 13th, I will be giving a talk to Heights. (I have never seen myself as "Heights-worthy")

On the 16th, the next installment of the Harry Potter series is coming out.

On the 23rd, I will be getting married.

(w00t! to the last one ^_^)

* * *

More random thoughts --

Apparently, no matter how early you plans things or how efficient you are in planning, you will still be extremely busy in the last 2 to 3 weeks before your wedding. I made a decision before school started that I wasn't going to let my wedding preparations affect how I'm teaching and it's been a difficult balancing act since then.

But I'm really enjoying my classes -- I've identified my students' learning style and I'm trying to challenge them as best as I can. (I'm really beginning to love them --) It's also rewarding to see so many of my former students coming up to me to say hello (and it isn't the forced "hello" you get from someone who really didn't want to say hello, but was forced to because he has to <-- does this make sense?) Anyhoo -- a lot of my former students decided to take my bro for History. I get a kick out of that. Here are people who will get a glimpse at how two members of the same family think, act and teach -- I wonder what sort of conclusion they will come up with. ^_^

* * *

R&R --

Papers to check, a wedding to prepare -- I'm glad to still be able to find time to just play.

Last Monday, I got to have dinner with Gabs and Johann -- we ate at Super Bowl in Gateway. It was nice to just sit down and talk and be silly (and I was glad to be around people who let me be silly.)

Last week, I met up with a friend from grad school. Lunch was at Sweet Inspiration. That was fun also. I also got to have lunch with Mahar at their org room, which was a treat as well. ^_^

On Friday, I'm having a Gocco session with CDy at my cousin's place -- I'm really excited for this one as well. I get to see what an artist can do with a Gocco! ^_^

And, on most evenings, Johann comes over to visit and just gives me a hug and to listen to me talk about my day. (My sister has been buying me ice cream -- so nice of her. ^_^)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Circus --

I'm watching the Congress hearing regarding the Gloria Tapes. I find it laughable every time these people in Congress are referred to as "Honorable" when they are clearly not.

It is not the interest of the people and our country being served inside the session hall -- it is these people's individual egos. These people speak a language that obscures and muddles -- it is clear that they are not speaking for the people they represent, but they are speaking for a president they are trying desperately to protect.

An example: The minority floor leader directly referred to a member of the majority (Antonino) and that congressman uses the word "allude" -- clever, clever.

It amazes me how one person can tip the balance to her favor like that and one wonders what it took to "inspire" such loyalty.

"Napupurga na ang mga tao sa mga pinaguusapan natin dito." - Crispin Beltran

I couldn't have said it better.


Just listened to one congressman telling Crispin Beltran that he cannot speak for the Filipino People.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

New blog --

I've opened up Tin Inks!, please visit. ^_^

* * *

In Gocco news --

I printed the labels on our souvenirs this morning -- all 275 of them using my Gocco. Damn, it's an addicting little thing. I want to make more! >_<

Friday, July 01, 2005

My new toy --

This is my Print Gocco -- I will be making t-shirts and notecards and everything else with this nifty little thing.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

... can someone lend me their creativity? ^_^

* * *

Millions --

Ohmygod -- Danny Boyle is a genius.

Image hosted by

Watch this film!!! >_<

(And I want to make a template of this image for a shirt ^_^)