Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gearing up for Christmas! --

I had some free time yesterday afternoon so I decided to go to Iloilo Shanghai Bazaar -- one of my favorite places here in Iloilo. It's where most people go to buy trimmings, zippers and other appliques. I go there to buy ribbon.

I used to go every summer when I was home from university. It's lovely to just have a stash of ribbons ready for any occasion.

This is the loot from yesterday's visit:



I decided to go shiny/sparkly this year and bought a roll of gold and 10 meters each of cute green and two nice shades of blue. (I found a rare roll of kraft wrapping paper being sold at SM so I might use that to wrap gifts this year. ^_^)

I also like really thin ribbons so I bought a roll each of red, green, yellow and burgundy.

It's so pretty seeing all the colors together! >_<

Now to buy the gifts to use these ribbons with. ;-)

* * *

Happiness is --

Having a friend from Davao. ^_^

One of the things I was craving for was mangosteen and it was really difficult to find them here in Iloilo.

My friend, F told me that the harvest this year wasn't very good because of the weather.

She went to Davao a week ago to attend her nephew's birthday party and she surprised me with a boxful of goodies: mangosteen and pomelo!




Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Balance --

I'm a big believer in balance -- the universe always has a way of making things even and square.

For the past week, Johann and I have had our share of not-so-good news: his WOW:WotLK discs have been delayed because the online store we got it from ran out of stock. We decided to avail of the online download and it didn't work on the Macbook. (Took us two days to figure out how to install it on the PC)

My hubby doesn't get demoralized easily but I knew he felt pretty bad about how things had gone so far -- I told him that there has to be an exchange and the universe will make it right.

True enough, today, we got a postal notice from our local post office. Our VtES order arrived! Glee~

When I got to the post office, the lady in charge of parcels told me that another package arrived for me. (We are friendly with each other. ^_^) It was the two fantasy HCs we mooched from this really nice person from Canada. She mailed it out last July and I was getting ready to give it up for lost.

Then it arrived today.

See, balance. It's a good thing. ^_^

* * *

Why I love Bookmooch --

Bookmooch is a great, great place. You get lucky sometimes and get really great books like these:

Masterpieces of Fantasy and Wonder edited by David Hartwell

Masterpieces of Fantasy and Enchantment edited by David Hartwell

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just a quick update --

Realized I hadn't really blogged in a while --

Had dinner with our Korean friends at a newly-opened Korean restaurant near my house. It was my first time to try Galbi and I like it. I also loved all the side dishes they offered (especially the "coleslaw" which was prepared with wasabi).

Less than two years ago, I didn't even know what Galbi was and my only experience of Korean food was Johann's bottles of kimchi (which I hated back then but I love, love, love now).

I love that my food repertoire is expanding (together with my waistline) and I love that Seth's food horizons are broadening as well. Last weekend, we brought him to Rai Rai Ken and he loved the Miso soup and Chicken Teriyaki.

* * *

Great Saturday --

I had a lovely Saturday. We took a drive around the nearby subdivision where we turned off the aircon and opened all our windows to enjoy the fresh air.

We went to SM City after and came home with a stack of magazines. My current favorite magazine "find" is Real Simple. I love the tips and the ideas I find within the pages.

Crazy Crepes also opened recently and we got some for my mom and my sister. (This was Seth's first experience of Nutella and Almonds and he really loves them. I'm glad he isn't allergic to nuts. ^_^)

* * *

Rumor has it --

That Starbucks will soon open in Iloilo and Bacolod.

More franchises that will make me happy:
1. Krispy Kreme
2. Dairy Queen <-- during our last trip to Manila, we spent most of our money on Dairy Queen
3. Gerry's Grill <-- for decent sisig
4. FullyBooked and Powerbooks

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Because they wrote lovely things --

I stumbled upon this through a friend's blog and I really love what they wrote about the upcoming US elections.

From: Margaret and Helen: Best Friends for 60 Years and counting ...

* * *

Another link --

I love Christopher Buckley's books and I've set about collecting (and reading) all of them. From the way he writes, I would never have guessed he was Republican.

Following the US Elections, Christopher Buckley's name came up and I wondered why his endorsement of Obama caused such a big hoopla -- so I wiki-ed him.

Anyhoo, this is what he said about Barack Obama --

And this is his response to the hoopla that followed his endorsement.

* * *

One of the downsides of being pregnant --

Is not being able to sit through the 30-minute Obama informercial with weeping like crazy.