Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gearing up for Christmas! --

I had some free time yesterday afternoon so I decided to go to Iloilo Shanghai Bazaar -- one of my favorite places here in Iloilo. It's where most people go to buy trimmings, zippers and other appliques. I go there to buy ribbon.

I used to go every summer when I was home from university. It's lovely to just have a stash of ribbons ready for any occasion.

This is the loot from yesterday's visit:



I decided to go shiny/sparkly this year and bought a roll of gold and 10 meters each of cute green and two nice shades of blue. (I found a rare roll of kraft wrapping paper being sold at SM so I might use that to wrap gifts this year. ^_^)

I also like really thin ribbons so I bought a roll each of red, green, yellow and burgundy.

It's so pretty seeing all the colors together! >_<

Now to buy the gifts to use these ribbons with. ;-)

* * *

Happiness is --

Having a friend from Davao. ^_^

One of the things I was craving for was mangosteen and it was really difficult to find them here in Iloilo.

My friend, F told me that the harvest this year wasn't very good because of the weather.

She went to Davao a week ago to attend her nephew's birthday party and she surprised me with a boxful of goodies: mangosteen and pomelo!




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julochka said...

i've been such a bad blog visitor of late, but i love your pretty ribbons! festive and just in time for the holidays!

and although i don't really know mangosteens well enough to crave them, we had a fabulous pomelo while we were in boracay last month. :-)

hope you are doing well!