Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just a quick update --

Realized I hadn't really blogged in a while --

Had dinner with our Korean friends at a newly-opened Korean restaurant near my house. It was my first time to try Galbi and I like it. I also loved all the side dishes they offered (especially the "coleslaw" which was prepared with wasabi).

Less than two years ago, I didn't even know what Galbi was and my only experience of Korean food was Johann's bottles of kimchi (which I hated back then but I love, love, love now).

I love that my food repertoire is expanding (together with my waistline) and I love that Seth's food horizons are broadening as well. Last weekend, we brought him to Rai Rai Ken and he loved the Miso soup and Chicken Teriyaki.

* * *

Great Saturday --

I had a lovely Saturday. We took a drive around the nearby subdivision where we turned off the aircon and opened all our windows to enjoy the fresh air.

We went to SM City after and came home with a stack of magazines. My current favorite magazine "find" is Real Simple. I love the tips and the ideas I find within the pages.

Crazy Crepes also opened recently and we got some for my mom and my sister. (This was Seth's first experience of Nutella and Almonds and he really loves them. I'm glad he isn't allergic to nuts. ^_^)

* * *

Rumor has it --

That Starbucks will soon open in Iloilo and Bacolod.

More franchises that will make me happy:
1. Krispy Kreme
2. Dairy Queen <-- during our last trip to Manila, we spent most of our money on Dairy Queen
3. Gerry's Grill <-- for decent sisig
4. FullyBooked and Powerbooks

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