Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday, Holiday --

I'm controlling myself from waking up Johann --

This is, perhaps, one of the ways in which we are different -- I am an early waker-upper and he is a late sleeper.

Today is the tail-end of the long weekend the government has given us and it's been a truly productive weekend so far.

We had originally planned to finish our Christmas shopping this weekend but, because I'm not feeling 100% well, we had to cut short our trip. We did manage to make a dent on our Christmas list and we're confident that we can finish our lists by next weekend. ^_^

Friday, November 25, 2005

Gearing up for the long weekend --

This is an important weekend for me and Johann -- we designated this weekend as "Christmas Shopping Weekend" and had made plans about where we were going and who to buy for first.

We were supposed to finish ALL of our Christmas shopping this weekend to avoid the madness of December.

We've also been debating about whether we should get a tree -- and we're getting that this weekend as well.

And then I got a cold. Bleh. Now we have to limit our outing so that I don't get tired and more sick.

* * *

Highlights --

I've been having very eventful days with family and friends --

Last Sunday, my sibs and I finally cashed in our Breakfast Buffet gift certificates from Mandarin. It was our first time to try out a local hotel's breakfast buffet as a group -- this one was okay. Some dishes were really yummy and others were a bit oily.

They served hakaw and congee and that made my day. ^_^

After a very long and leisurely breakfast, we went to GB3 and attended mass at the church/chapel nearby.

Last Tuesday, I met up with CD and we talked over hotdogs smothered in mustard, mayo and ketchup. The last time I saw her was at my wedding so we had plenty of catching up to do.

Lunches at the Faculty Lounge have also been fun -- most of us are saving up for the Christmas season so we've all become "baon" people.

* * *

Classes --

My classes have been going well -- I'm getting along with all of my classes and I'm really enjoying teaching fiction.

I still feel like I haven't fully immersed myself in the semester -- it's as if I'm holding back or something.

Oh well --

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Curious --

There's a "tribute" concert for Eraserheads this coming Tuesday at UP --

It's to launch the album, ULTRAELECTROMAGNETICJAM --

Local bands singing E-heads songs --

Who knows how to get tickets for this? I think Johann and I want to go.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Tuesday, November 22 -- lunch with CD
Friday, November 25 -- coffee and cake with V and C
November 26 to 28 -- Christmas Shopping with my hun
Wednesday, November 30 -- lunch with Mahar

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How Much is This Blog Worth? --

My blog is worth $9,597.18.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, November 11, 2005

It's that time of the year again --

My sibs always tell me that I'm the most difficult person to get Christmas presents for because
a. my wants always change
b. the ones that don't change, I usually just get for myself
c. the ones that don't change and that I don't get are usually too expensive

Anyhoo -- here's my list for this year:

Books --
More Nigella Lawson! I am most intrigued by How to be a Domestic Goddess
Steven Seagle's It's a Bird
Image hosted by
The Complete Peanuts 1950-1954 Boxed Set
Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down (whyohwhy do you have to be in hardcover)

DVDs --
ALL of Gilmore Girls (raar -- I might slowly get this one for myself -- one per birthday)
Criterion Collection copies of Wes Anderson's works

OSTs --
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (both the 1967 and the 1999 recordings)
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Misc --
Skirts and tops
A waffle maker (there's one from Philips with a switchable plate -- so you can make waffles and panini with the same machine)

... will add to this list ^_^

* * *

Today --

Johann and I had lunch at Beach House in UP. YUMMY BBQ! Ohmygod!

I also sent in all of my class syllabi for photocopying so I won't have to stress out about it on Monday. (Yes, I am that geeky)

Monday, November 07, 2005

I should be posting more often -- and there is a lot that I could write about --

For instance, last Thursday, I finally got to meet up with my dear college friends whom I haven't seen since I got married last July. I love my set of college friends and the wonderful memories of college and of sem breaks and summers together. It is also interesting sitting at the same table as them -- two of us are married now and most of us are "coupled" so I am expecting to attend a few more weddings in the next few years. ^_^

I am glad for this development because we've always been a small group -- but with the addition of spouses, the group has grown (not just in number but also in dimension and horizon) ^_^

The weekend, we had Johann's friends over and it was a day of fulfilling cravings -- we had green mango with really yummy bagoong, ripe mango from Iloilo, chocolate mousse from Red Ribbon, and cookies! We took turns preparing and washing dishes (the problems of having plates and silverware good for 4 and having 8 guests ^_^;;;)

Oh, and the visit to Gerry's Grill -- Johann and I visited the Gerry's Grill in Greenhills -- my tummy was so happy with the meal! We had sisig and karekare -- and the bagoong that came with the karekare was soooooo yummy! We loved the bagoong so much we bought a small tub and brought it home.

Today, I discovered another effortless pasta recipe --

Button Mushrooms
Can of Cream of Mushroom (I used Cream of Chicken and Mushroom)
Milk (I used low-fat)
Cooked Penne pasta

Fry the bacon and when it's crisp, toss in the mushrooms.
Then pour the can of Cream of Chicken and Mushroom and mix in half a can of milk. (Use the empty soup can to measure the milk) Season.
When everything is nice and boiling, toss in mozzarella -- as much or as little as you want. We used a lot.
Transfer everything to a baking dish and then top it with more mozzarella and parmesan.
Bake in the oven until the cheese is bubbling and golden.

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