Friday, November 25, 2005

Gearing up for the long weekend --

This is an important weekend for me and Johann -- we designated this weekend as "Christmas Shopping Weekend" and had made plans about where we were going and who to buy for first.

We were supposed to finish ALL of our Christmas shopping this weekend to avoid the madness of December.

We've also been debating about whether we should get a tree -- and we're getting that this weekend as well.

And then I got a cold. Bleh. Now we have to limit our outing so that I don't get tired and more sick.

* * *

Highlights --

I've been having very eventful days with family and friends --

Last Sunday, my sibs and I finally cashed in our Breakfast Buffet gift certificates from Mandarin. It was our first time to try out a local hotel's breakfast buffet as a group -- this one was okay. Some dishes were really yummy and others were a bit oily.

They served hakaw and congee and that made my day. ^_^

After a very long and leisurely breakfast, we went to GB3 and attended mass at the church/chapel nearby.

Last Tuesday, I met up with CD and we talked over hotdogs smothered in mustard, mayo and ketchup. The last time I saw her was at my wedding so we had plenty of catching up to do.

Lunches at the Faculty Lounge have also been fun -- most of us are saving up for the Christmas season so we've all become "baon" people.

* * *

Classes --

My classes have been going well -- I'm getting along with all of my classes and I'm really enjoying teaching fiction.

I still feel like I haven't fully immersed myself in the semester -- it's as if I'm holding back or something.

Oh well --

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