Friday, March 12, 2004

Listening to Indigo Girls: 1200 Curfews

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If you guys have an hour to spare, challenge yourselves with this -- ^_^

... will be spending the evening trying to figure this out -- will let you know how this turns out ^_^

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Currently reading: Steve Martin's Shopgirl -- thanks, E for lending it to me ^_^

... will resume Earthsea reading after this --

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Something I'm really looking forward to: Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights (because of Diego Luna!!!) -- showing locally starting April 10

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And do I really have a hand in my forgetting?--

This morning I had to reconstruct my resume -- I copied my brother's format and things were going smoothly until I had to write about my experiences for the past 6 years (from the time I graduated from college).

I had forgotten most of it -- even the title of my senior year thesis -- erg!

I had forgotten all the seminars I attended in Xavier School or when I attended summer school in Cambridge -- I had forgotten names, dates, places --

I look back at the last six years and I draw a blank -- there are images that are still vivid, but these aren't the ones meant for a resume.

And I wonder if I've really done something worthwhile with my life or if it really was just a blank (and it was sad to see my life reduced to two pages of short bond paper -- i really have an issue with this reductio ad absurdum, don't I?)


* * *

Time flies --

It's March. Summer is almost here. It's almost time to eat halo-halo with my sibs (a summer tradition).

I wonder where the time went -- it is as though I've placed my life on fast forward and all I see is a blur --

Can't believe sina E and C are graduating already -- they were my bro's first batch in AdMU. Gads, we're old ^_^

* * *

Met with the grad studies coordinator this morning. We discussed the time table for my thesis -- it seems I need to defend my chapter 1 before I can proceed to writing chapters 2 to 6. I haven't touched my thesis since October and I will need to reread all the literature again. Into the abyss? ^_^

Since I was already in AdMU, I decided to visit my former teachers -- Dr. B of the IS Dept (love this one! -- for my senior year, he was our dept head, my thesis advisor and poetry workshop teacher -- spent soooo much time with him ^_^) and Mr. R of the Filipino Dept -- Fil11 teacher (he arranged our seating alphabetically and I was right in front -- I like him because he made it easy for me to try to learn how to speak Filipino properly. I remember when I graduated and I told him that I was going to teach in Xavier, he was so pleased that he brought me to where the other AdMU teachers were and you could hear the pride in his voice when he said "Magiging guro ito.")

I grew up being surrounded (and influenced) by teachers -- I guess that's why I want to teach (all I ever wanted to do -- well, I did want to be a doctor too, but I discovered that I was scared of blood so --)

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Oh, check my blogstops list -- I added two new links ^_^

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