Saturday, July 03, 2010

Photos! --

Johann got the Hipstamatic App for his phone and he's been taking pretty pictures with it.

I really like this picture he took of me.  (Yes, I'm reading a romance novel.  Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter.  Very nice story!)  We were waiting for our haircut appointment at the Korean Hair Salon in Ledesco.


The slippers I am wearing have a very interesting story -- and they only cost 40 pesos.

I had a perm when I went to Tokyo last September and the curls are gone now.  I'm thinking of getting another perm at the Korean Hair Salon and I found this picture in one of the magazines there.  I showed it to the owner and she told me that I could probably get it done next month when my hair is the correct length.


I'm really excited to get it done!  (I wonder how it will look with all my grey/white hair.  Hahaha!)

Photos of the kids using the Hipstamatic in my other blog.

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