Saturday, July 31, 2010

Funny thing --

Johann and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last July 23 --

I had the idea of asking our friend, C (who was going to Singapore) to buy a copy of SFX for Johann.  (It's one of his favorite magazines.)

I didn't tell him because it was going to be a surprise.

What I didn't know is that Johann had also asked C to buy some M&M Peanut Butter for me.

He didn't tell me because it was going to be a surprise also.


* * *

Postponed anniversary --

We had planned to watch a movie and have dinner at the newly-opened Mandarin Tea Garden inside SM City on our anniversary but we had to postpone our plans indefinitely --

Anya's yaya's mom was sick so the yaya had to go home.  It turned out that the mom had typhoid so the yaya is currently on quarantine for 2 weeks.

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