Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's that time of the year again! --

Last year, I posted my Christmas wishlist in September --

This year, I really tried to wait until (at least) October so I won't appear like such an eager beaver. ^_^

My sister and I have already actually talked about what we want for Christmas --

I'm a little surprised with myself this year because there isn't much that I want for myself.

Anyhoo, just as a recap, here was my list last year:
1. LeSportSac deluxe everyday bag or classic hobo
2. New cellphone
3. New pair of glasses
4. Giordano Skinny Polo
5. A pair of nice fitting jeans <-- I did get a pair but my sister has appropriated them for her own
6. Mike Gayle's latest book

And my wishlist for Seth --
1. portable CD player <-- we kinda have portable music now from my phone and Johann's
2. an Avent 11oz bottle
3. some shorts (soft and light ones)

Here is my list for this year:
1. LeSportSac deluxe everyday bag <-- I got a classic hobo for myself when I went to Guam
2. New pair of glasses
3. A good pair of walking/exercise shoes <-- it is the year to get back in shape (hopefully!)
4. Walt Disney Treasures - Disney Rarities - Celebrated Shorts, 1920s - 1960s <-- this was on my list two years ago, never did get around to getting it back then
5. A Moleskine weekly diary <-- I might just get one for myself. I still haven't decided if I want the small pocket red one or a bigger one this year.
6. Canon Powershot E1 <-- I already have a Powershot A640 and I know I don't need a new one but it is just so, so adorable! The colors are irresistible! >_<

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