Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happiness comes in small packages --

A few days ago, I was really surprised to receive a package from Char.

When I saw what was inside the package, I started laughing --


Char sent me mooncake and some shirts for Seth. I was so excited about the mooncake because my dad has been craving them and was disappointed that we weren't able to get the yummy mooncake from Binondo this year. (More on this later)

So, that evening, we hurriedly ate dinner and opened one of the mooncake.


The present had a cute twist -- these were not the typical lotus/mongo mooncakes -- these were Chocolate and Moccachino.

There was a bit of a discussion regarding how many pieces we should slice the mooncake. (We usually cut it into 4 pieces but everyone was curious and wanted to try the Chocolate so we cut it into 6 slices.)


Surprisingly, the mooncake tasted really delicious! It still had the creaminess and subtle sweetness of the regular mooncake but you can taste the chocolate as well.

I usually don't like eating the egg but I didn't mind this one.

I think my dad was really happy that night -- that was his first (and only) mooncake for the year. ^_^

* * *

More on mooncakes --

In the past, my youngest brother and I would make the trek to Binondo to buy mooncake. We'd come out of the restaurant carrying plastic bags-full of mooncake to be given to co-teachers and as pasalubong to our relatives in Iloilo.

Usually, the mooncake festival would coincide with the time when we were out of the country -- and we would seek out unique mooncake designs and flavors from those places.

Last year, Johann and I actually splurged on some when we were in Singapore.

This year, we didn't even realize that the mooncake festival had come and gone. We were so busy doing whatever it is we were doing that I just forgot.

* * *

Feeling grateful --

When we decided to move to Iloilo two years ago, we knew we would be giving up so much -- we knew that we would be disconnected from our friends and from life as we knew it.

We've had several pity parties where we bemoan our lack of friends here in Iloilo.

The decision did reap some benefits -- Seth is doing very well here and I love how accessible and affordable everything is.

One of the things that surprised me was the discovery that, despite the distance, I've managed to maintain many of the relationships I cherished in Manila and that I've actually made more friends while I've been here.

I think back at the number of friends we've had visit us here in Iloilo and the care packages we've received and my heart just bursts with gratitude.

Thank you, all of you. ^_^

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julochka said...

i was in china last year when the mooncake festival happened, but i admit that i wasn't that thrilled by the one that the sheraton put in my room. (i have a picture of it somewhere). however, your chocolate one looks interesting! :-)