Friday, February 25, 2011

Classic White Shirts --

I used to live in Navy and Black -- and then I tentatively accepted colors and added gray and pink and other colors.

I have 1 white shirt in my closet (not counting the white M&S shirt I borrow from Johann to wear with leggings) --

My biggest problem with wearing white is having the right undergarments.

At a recent event at my kids' school, I saw a mom wearing a white shirt and jeans -- such a classic, classic combination. And she looked so perfect and fresh.

It's almost summer and the weather calls for lighter-colored clothes --

I'm in the market for a nice tailored white shirt or blouse --

And I've been browsing around and these are really nice.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Kate Spade at ShopStyle
Kate Spade

Kate Spade at ShopStyle
Kate Spade

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