Friday, March 04, 2011

Some random things --

My mom makes this amazing chunky chicken sandwich filling (?) and I've been gobbling it up like crazy.  Sometimes, I just plunk some on a piece of lettuce, roll it up and eat it.

My mom's been making me batches weekly -- and I'm enjoying every last mayonnaise-y bit of it. ^_^

* * * 

I found this posted on the discussion area of a Youtube video of Justin Bieber singing "Baby" --

Calling him FAKE won't make you REAL
Calling him DUMB won't make you SMART
Calling him WEAK won't make you STRONG 

Calling him UGLY won't make you BEAUTIFUL 
Calling him MEAN won't make you NICE.
Calling him GAY won't make you STRAIGHT! 

Calling him RUDE won't make you POLITE.

* * *

Looking forward to summer --

We have 1 family trip planned in May -- just me, Johann and the 2 kids.  

I'm a bit worried because it is La Nina and the weather might not be nice when we go.

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