Saturday, February 05, 2011

Love at first sight --

My first Kate Spade bag arrived a day before Chinese New Year --

My first ever splurge on myself (I've splurged numerous times for the kids) and it is beautiful -- and, more importantly, it makes me happy seeing it.

What I love about Kate Spade are the little details -- the stripe-y tissue to protect the contents of the package.  And the dustbag with a little thought from Kate Spade.

And the bag -- the bag was breathtaking.  Nice weight and nice color.  (Even my mom noticed my bag and complimented me on it.)

I've been using it every day since it came -- and I love it!  It's a nice size and holds all of my things (and my kids things as well!)

I was worried that the black and white would be hard to match outfits with (and slightly regretted not getting the mustard or the green -- which would have been easier to) -- but it wasn't!  It goes with everything!  (Well, maybe not everything ... but in the 3 days that I've used it, I've had no problems.)

I also got a wallet --

It's a Jane Street Neda in Green with Eggplant.  Again, I worried about the style (notice how much I worry?) -- it's a zipped-type and I wasn't sure how easy/hard it would be to access my cards and stuff.  And there was no place to put a picture of the kids!

But I've grown to like it and appreciate it -- I don't have to worry about Anya touching the money in my wallet!  (Or pull out cards and misplace them)

Trust me, the purple looks so, so nice!  (Now I am tempted to get a purple bag!)

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Camy said...

How did you order? Did you order through the site itself?