Monday, August 28, 2006

Memory --

I've been sitting on this entry for the past few days because it sounds sad but it really isn't --

I am slowly forgetting the names of streets in Metro Manila --
Slowly forgetting the names of shops and restaurants --
Slowly forgetting phone numbers and the cost of taking the LRT2 from Katipunan to Gilmore --

I've been in Iloilo for almost 6 months. We've slowly settled into a routine here and life is never boring with Seth around so I really didn't realize how much time had passed until Seth's yaya reminded me that it's already a "-ber" month.

My mom asked me and my sister over dinner a few weeks back whether we preferred Iloilo or Manila. My sister readily answered Iloilo and I said "Iloilo, but a visit to Manila every 3 months to get books."

My sister returned to Manila for the Bookfair and sent me my stash -- the last two Tracy Chevalier books on my list: Fallen Angels and The Virgin Blue and Geraldine Brooks' March.

I'm done with The Virgin Blue (and I didn't like it as much) and I'm starting on Fallen Angels.

* * *

Life measured in reality TV shows --

I've been following Rockstar: Supernova and the show is ending in two weeks. By then, Seth will be 3 months old. (H'ray!) The new season of the Amazing Race is starting very soon as well. There's also the new season of Project: Runway has started on ETC.

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