Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tokyo: Day 5 --

Day 5 was a fairly light day for us -- we had intended to spend the whole day at Tokyo Disney but because of the weather forecast, we decided to go the day before.

The day began with an early lunch at a Kaiten Sushi place found on the top floor of a building. (Not sure about the name) --

It was an enjoyable experience and I took advantage of the cheap price of the the Tako sushi. (Octopus)

What was amazing was how particular they were about their tuna -- they had three different kinds -- the fatty part of the tuna (premium), the "medium" and the regular tuna, which was minced and mixed with spring onions. We splurged on a plate of snow crab legs, which was amazing.

My brother also insisted that I try the uni, which was buttery. I have a cousin who loves uni but I've never tried it -- I don't like the texture so much. I prefered the chewiness of the octopus.

My brother then decided to take us to ... Tokyo! The actual Tokyo, the one near Ginza -- my brother explained that, while places like Ikebukuro and even his city Kunitachi (which is far) are part of Tokyo, the real Tokyo is just another small dot on the subway map. (It is 8 stops from Ikebukuro on the Marunouchi line.)

There is one special thing found in Tokyo -- this is where the Meiji Chocolate Cafe is located. The cafe is located on the ground floor of the Meiji company building and, according to my brother, this place is usually packed.

For this one place, I would pay the Y230 (?) one-way subway fare again just to go back there.

<-- chocolate varieties kept in a temperature-controlled display

<-- 56 chocolate varieties


<-- the strangest one

We got there early and were able to get a table. Everything on their menu is chocolate-based. I ordered a hot chocolate (which was amazing).

Your order comes with a complimentary piece of chocolate, with the date of your visit and an explanation of the flavor/variety.



They had cakes and ice cream but I was feeling a bit full from the Kaiten sushi place so I passed on it. (When my brother first visited the place with his friends, they ordered 1 of everything on the menu. ^_^)

I ended up buying two pieces of chocolate to bring home to my sister:

<-- cheese and the commemorative 1926 edition

My brother then brought us to the swanky part of Shinjuku and left us at Kinokuniya, which was beside a Tokyu Hands. That's where Johann and I spent the rest of the day.

I love, love, love Kinokuniya. I love their Singapore store and enjoyed the small one we stumbled upon in Thailand.

I was able to find a really cute romance novel at the Kinokuniya we visited. <-- more on this later

We rested a bit at our hotel before going to Sunshine City for dinner.

Dinner that night was at Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. <-- it's a junior because it's a smaller branch

Johann had a seafood rice and I had a tomato cream pasta and we shared a French Onion soup -- and everything was delicious!




The Namco theme park is located inside Sunshine City and we wanted to check it out -- but we forgot the the mall closes at 8pm and we didn't have enough time anymore.

We ended up spending our time at the Disney store (where I found really cool Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar merchandise) and at Toys R Us for last-minute toy shopping for Seth and Anya.

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