Monday, January 09, 2006

Should've written earlier --

But I've been busy and, every time I sit down to write, I couldn't think of anything to say.

Today I do. ^_^

I got an email from Fully Booked informing me that I'm one of the people who won their Booked the Halls! promo and I get a free book! They sent me a list of books to choose from and, imagine my glee when I saw Jamie Oliver's book Jamie's Kitchen there.


* * *

Best gifts for Christmas --

I got really interesting presents this year. The safe fallback was always clothes but, because of my condition, getting me a gift has become more of a challenge for my siblings.

My bros got me the Iron Chef (Japan) guide book that details all the battles and the recipes for the best dishes are also there. They also got me the Jamie Oliver First Season DVD set. Glee!

Johann was supposed to get me this really lovely blouse that would work as a maternity thing, but they didn't have stock of my size. ~Sigh~ So he surprised me with the Gilmore Girls Season One boxed set. ^_^

Ah, DVD-watching goodness. ^_^

My sister got me a really lovely kimono-inspired top from Topshop for Christmas. I tried it on before we purchased it to make sure I can still wear it even when I get big. ^_^

Friend B surprised me with the Complete Peanuts Book 1, which is my current bedside reading. ^_^

* * *

Best gifts for Birthday --

Considering that my birthday is just 2 weeks after Christmas, I rarely expect lavish gifts, but my siblings managed to WOW! me for my birthday. They got me the Region 2 4-disc set of Howl's Moving Castle that came with an actualy film cell from the movie. So clear, so lovely and the subtitles were so accurate! ^_^

They also got me a hair dryer, which I used today. Yay!

My hun is getting me my waffle maker and I'm just trying to scout around for the best one. So far, the Asahi one is the strongest contender with three changeable plates (one for paninis, one for sandwiches and one for making waffles).

Best part about this birthday is being woken up at midnight and having your hubby greet you "Happy Birthday" and being able to say "Same to you" ^_^

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Mika said...

Same birthdays? That's so sweet :) Happy birthday guys! - Mika