Saturday, January 13, 2007

Frankenstein Fish --

My dad maintains an aquarium. I usually bring Seth to watch the fish inside the aquarium. A few days back, we noticed that the janitor fish was on its back and we told the housekeeper that the fish was dead. We had to wait 'til morning to ask our driver to get the dead fish.

The next day, the janitor fish was alive and cleaning one side of the aquarium. (I'm not kidding and, no, we didn't replace the fish overnight.)

The day after, we see the fish floating on its back again.

This morning, the fish disappeared. Seth and I couldn't find him (and it's a small aquarium).

This afternoon, the fish is floating on its back again.



jymdrn said...

waaah that's so weird.
haha, i hate janitor fish. :(
(because it killed all our other fish in our aquarium, haha i'm sure it didn't really mean to.)

i said...

it's 5am and i'm about to sleep with the premonition that i will be haunted by dreams involving elements from this entry.


thanks tin.