Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life update --

I have a job now. Well, I've always had a job -- I work for the family business. But now I have a job job -- one that requires me to get out of my pajamas and out of the house and actually go to a place to work.

I tutor Koreans. It's apparently the winter break in Korea so many of the students come here to learn English during the 2 1/2-month break. I teach for 4 hours everyday. This is the school's busiest time and they can't handle the work load with the regular group of teachers so the boss asked me to teach. (They are our tenants.) They actually invited me months ago but I refused the job because I wanted to spend more time with Seth. Seth's almost 7 months old and we have a very good care system together with the yaya so I felt it was okay for me to be gone for 4 hours every day.

I started last Monday and I was really grumbly about the whole deal -- I wanted to linger over breakfast and have a nice long bath but, no -- I had to be at work at 8 in the morning.

I realized then how spoiled I've become (and lazy) --

It's my 3rd day on the job and I'm enjoying it. It's a rewarding experience seeing my students' faces light up when the lesson makes sense and they're able to speak about the lesson in near-unbroken English. ^_^

And I've been invited by the administrator to give a short talk on Grammar to the other teachers. I had to warn her that my experience with Grammar is limited to grade school stuff. I couldn't say no to my new boss so I borrowed the book she suggested and I told her I'll read through it to see if it's something I can manage.

* * *

New link! --

Reviews by P

Very interesting reviews about a lot of things. ^_^

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Franken-fish Update --

It was alive again yesterday -- stuck to the side of the aquarium and, even when it was flat on its back, it's mouth continued to suck the water clean. (Johann's theory is that it's always been alive -- that it was really just cleaning the surface of the water. Riiiiiiight. O_o)

Today, I asked the maids to get it out of the aquarium. It's just so creepy not knowing whether it was alive or dead.


Eric said...

Let me know if you need someone to give a seminar or something; I'd gladly take time off from work. :D

p said...

hey thanks for the link! =)

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Hi, Eric! Let me know when you're here in Iloilo. Maybe we can arrange something.

Hi, P! Thanks for letting me link you. Looking forward to more great reads! ^_^

jymdrn said...

congratulations for the job! :)