Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy thoughts (and some not-so-happy) --

If I were superstitious, I would say that the events of the last 5 days were the last hurrah of the Year of the Fire Pig.

Seth had his worst bout with his allergies last Wednesday which led to an unplanned trip to his doctor. That evening, he had a 39.4-degree fever and chills.

On that same day, I woke up with an enormous lump in my throat and a terrible pain in my lungs. I went the work as usual and had difficulty getting through the day because I had chills and I couldn't really breathe very well.

It was, unfortunately, the pulmonologist's day off so I had to suffer through the night. (Well, I really didn't suffer because I was out cold by 7 am. Woken up at 8 to be told that my son had a fever. Was delirious and dead to the world after that.)

The next day, the doctor told me I had Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and gave me meds.

The Year of the Earth Rat is already looking better -- Monday is a non-working holiday for us. When my student asked me if I was happy about that piece of news, I told him that I was extremely happy and thankful that I would get a chance to rest.

* * *

This is kimbap --


It annoys our friends when Johann calls it sushi because they are different. Kimbap is cut thinner than sushi and it is most often rolled with the seaweed- (kim) side out. (I was going to say "always" but I realized that my experience of Korean cuisine is very limited and there may be variations that have the rice side out.)


One of our Korean tenants (a mom) made a big batch yesterday and gave some to us. It is incredibly addicting! Last night, I couldn't resist sneaking to the fridge and grabbing some before going to bed.

My mom mentioned how much we love kimchi and the Korean mom also gave us some. I'm excited to try it. (Although, in my mind, nothing would beat Ceri's kimchi. ^_^)

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