Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why I like used books --

I forgot to mention that I received my books from Betterworld and I've been reading Christopher Buckley for the past month now.

I was also able to mooch a really nice copy of Thank You For Smoking. So, to date, I have 5 Christopher Buckley books and I've read three of them.

1. No Way to Treat a First Lady
2. Thank You for Smoking
3. The White House Mess
4. Florence of Arabia
5. Wry Martinis

I'm on book #4 right now and I was so thrilled to find this:

It's Christopher Buckley's autograph~!

... now Johann and I have to change our names to Kerry and Susan. ^_^

My favorite is still No Way to Treat a First Lady. Florence of Arabia is really funny. ^_^

We also got a copy of Irving Stone's Passions of the Mind -- his take on Sigmund Freud.

We received a library copy and it still has the old library record. ^_^


I like that my books have a story. ^_^


jymdrn said...

coooooool. shux.

:) i love old books, too! :) :) :)

Tarie said...

Belated Happy Valentine's Day, Tin!