Friday, June 13, 2008

Book Binge report --

I'm a little disappointed with my Book Binge activity this year. In essence, I only finished reading 1 book and was midway through another.

In between, I was reading romance novels, comic books, online manga scanlations and really interesting information from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. (Did you know the average life span of a bra is only 180 days? ^_^)

I was very happy to have read Susan Vreeland's Life Studies and I am still haunted by Pisarro's story and how it deals with an artist's passion juxtaposed to religion and society.

I still have a ton of books on my backlog --
Christopher Buckley's Boomsday and Florence of Arabia

Unfortunately, I am not in book-reading mode right now. I've re-discovered anime and actually spent the past few weeks re-watching Karekano, Princess Mononoke, etc. We also picked up a copy of Gundam 00 (which Johann has declared to be his all-time favorite Gundam series), Appleseed Ex-Machina and Romeo x Juliet.

There are still remnants of Ouran in me and I still get giggly when I remember certain scenes from the anime.

* * *

A bit more on Ouran --

My bro recently sent us some Ouran goodies like buttons, tote bags, etc. I am a very happy fangirl. ^_^

* * *

Funny thing --

My other brother sent us a big jar of Jelly Beans. Last night, my sister actually sat down and sampled it. She was so cute -- she picked out jelly beans one at a time and would check which one it was. (The side of the jar had a picture guide to the flavors.)

It was amusing to hear her say, "WTF! This tastes like crap. What flavor is this?" After which, she would check the side again.

Now, this method would work nicely IF she remembered which flavors they were -- but after 8 or so flavors, you tend to forget the subtle differences between this yellow and that yellowish-whitish bean.

So, on and on it went -- with her sampling and re-discovering (tragically) crap flavors.

I love her. ^_^

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jymdrn said...

hahahaha @ your jelly bean sampling sister! :)