Thursday, May 22, 2008

hate Globe, love Globe

We were internet-less for 3 days!

My sister and I were expecting to experience some internet interference last week when it was raining very hard here in Iloilo and we were pleasantly surprised to see that our connection held despite the strong winds and the pouring rain. = Love Globe

So we were very disappointed when we discovered that we lost our internet connection right after breakfast last Monday, when it was no longer raining. = Hate Globe

After waiting patiently for a day to pass and for our connection to return, we decided to call their customer service hotline to find out more details regarding this matter. The customer service representatives were all very helpful and gave us all the information that they had. They did say that they were hoping to get it back by the next day but it usually takes them 3 to 5 days. = Love Globe a little

The next day, we still didn't have internet. = Hate Globe

So we called their hotline again. They informed us that the problem was a little bit more complicated than what they had expected so they called their "higher technical team" to try to fix the problem. = feel so-so

We decided to go to their office in SM City and we got to talk to one of their managers who apologized and informed us that they were really trying to fix the problem. She told us that they would most likely get it fixed that day or the next day. = Love Globe a little

Yesterday, we were already making jokes that it would probably come back on during the weekend but, at around 6 pm, we saw the fourth light of our modem blink and then light up. = Love Globe

It was incredibly frustrating not having access to the internet -- we had a lot of important business-related matters to attend to and deadlines ticking. Thankfully, Globe was able to restore the system and got us our internet again. ^_^

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