Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Interesting list --

75 Skills Every Man Should Master

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What I learned from an anime --

Mirai yori mo
Ima ga kanjin

More important than the future
Is the present

Thank you A and G for OuHosu. =^_^=


Mrs. Hobbes said...

Hi Tin! Oh my gosh, I'd love to talk to you about Ouran--it's currently my fave anime! I'm still amazed at how intelligent and rip-roaring funny it is :) i finished it about two months ago but every once in a while will watch a particular episode (my favorite character? honey-sempai!)

Would love to hear your thoughts on this :) Prior to Ouran I finished Blood Plus--another fantastic series though for entirely different reasons, LOL

Tin (ni Johann) said...


Am reading the manga online. It's amazing!

I finished watching the anime this Monday. My favorite is Kyoya and Mori. ^_^