Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy food --

Avocado is one of my happy food.

But it is a frustrating fruit to love -- selecting and buying avocado from the supermarket is a hit-or-miss adventure. While it may look beautiful and promising on the outside, the inside might be a mess of mush and stringy bits that look like hair.

So far this year, I've only had one or two good avocados. It is a scarce thing but highly sought-after in my house. There are times when, as the younger sister, I am called to make the supreme sacrifice and give up a bowl of avocado to my sister.

A few days ago, my dad's assistant gave us some really beautiful avocado. I've never seen avocado of that size before. It came from a tree in his backyard. (I want to steal that tree. >_<)


So I've been waiting for them to ripen. Two days ago, I decided to speed up the process by placing two avocados beside our never-ending stock of bananas. True enough, these two avocados ripened much faster. (A bit of science: Bananas give off a gas which helps nearby fruits/vegetables ripen.)

This morning, one of them was ready for eating.

I wanted to swoon when I saw how beautiful the inside was. It's exactly how Nigella describes it -- buttery, firm and gorgeous. >_<




I like my avocado mushed up with some powdered milk and sugar. When I am especially impatient, I eat it immediately but it is also very delicious cold.


One of the giant avocados was enough for two bowls -- one for me and one for my sister. This time, I got the bigger share. ^_^

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