Saturday, May 10, 2008

A scare --

This morning started out typically -- between 6 to 7 in the morning, I was enjoying my chapters of Ouran before breakfast while Seth was "getting some sun" upstairs with his yaya.

At 7, I was called to breakfast and Seth and I had a lovely meal of pancakes and hotdogs.

The trouble started after breakfast when I tried to load the next page of the online scanlation.

My computer froze and I couldn't even do a CTRL+ALT+DEL --

So I had to turn it off manually. When I turned it back on, I was greeted with a blank screen.

My computer went kaput on me. T_T

... and right in the middle of an exciting chapter! >_<

I was frantic! T_T

We eventually had to do a system restore to fix the problem. And we had to do it twice because the first time was also problematic.

So here I am, reinstalling all of my important files -- like my cute Cat theme for Firefox. =^_^=

And I am once again reunited with Chapter 44 of Ouran. ^_^

* * *

On a serious note --

I only just realized that this laptop is 8 years old. I inherited it from my brother a few years back when he decided to upgrade.

So now I'm thinking of getting an upgrade for myself.

It would be a first for me -- so I'm excited. ^_^

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