Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some random things --

The last post I wrote (last August 7) was my 707th post. What lovely coincidence!

* * *

Top Chef! --

My sister and I found a copy of Top Chef season 4 and watched it every afternoon while my son was napping. It is a very addicting show and now we are trying to find copies of the previous 3 seasons.

(I was first introduced to Top Chef by my cousins on our way to Tagaytay -- my cousin has a nifty video setup in his car and we watched some episodes going to and back from Tagaytay.)

An incentive to watch? One of the contestants in Season 4 is Filipino -- and, for a dessert competition, he made ... Halo-halo!

* * *

Finished reading --

Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture, which made me cry. Not tear up. But cry.

He had an amazing view of life and the world ... and I wish I could remember to see things the way he did.

* * *

On the Olympics --

I wasn't very happy with how Solar covered the opening of the Beijing Olympics (too many commercials!) -- but I am enjoying their coverage of the various competitions.

We were able to watch the Archery event between the Philippines vs Taipei -- and a lot of the swimming and gymnastics events. (Seth even tries to copy the swimming strokes. Hahahah!)

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