Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Techie and Gadgets meme --

Mobile Phones:
1.) First cellphone unit - a black Nokia 3110

2.) Favorite cellphone unit - I'm still amazed by my T28's longevity. It's what made me switch completely to Sony Ericsson, but I love my current phone as well.

3.) Current cellphone unit - an Ericsson W710i

Handheld Consoles:
4.) First Handheld game console - A Game & Watch! I remember "Octopus" and I knew we had other games as well.

5.) Favorite Handheld game console - my husband has a DS Lite, which I play with sometimes.

6.) Current handheld game console - I don't own one. My husband does. ^_^

Desktop PCs
7.) First PC (Desktop) Specs - I forget. But it was lovely. We bought it from a friend's uncle's shop and they actually held it for testing for a week just to make sure all the connections and installations were roadtested before they released it to us. It kinda set the bar for me in terms of service.

8.) Current PC (Desktop) Specs - we don't have a desktop anymore. I have a lovely White Macbook now. ^_^

9.) The PC Specs you always wished for: an Mac Pro with 4 video cards (for the whole crossfire thingy) and 2 quad-cores and 32gb RAM. I wouldn't really know what to do with it, but it would be a WOW thing, wouldn't it?


10.) First Laptop - this White Macbook is my first. I did inherit my brother's old laptop, which died a few months ago after so many years of service to both me and my brother.

11.) Current Laptop - White Macbook

12.)The Laptop you always dreamed of - maybe a Macbook Pro.

Game Consoles:
13.) First Game Console - We had an Atari.

14.) Favorite Game Console - Dreamcast. My sister's.

15.) Current Game Console - We really don't play console games now.

16.) First PC Game ever played - Lots of game shows -- Family Feud, etc.

17.) Favorite PC Game ever played - SimCity.

18.) Last PC Game played - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

19.) Palm or Pocket PC? - Pocket PC

20.) What's your MP3 player and capacity? - I bought a Samsung Yepp with my salary from my first teaching job. My brothers gave me a Shuffle 3 years ago. My current phone can also play MP3s.

21.) Aside from your cellphone, PDA and laptop - What other gadget you can never be without? - A Camera

22.) First Wristwatch - a Swatch, I think

23.) Favorite Wristwatch - I don't have a favorite. I have a thing about wristwatches. I don't like buying very expensive ones because I don't like to feel "committed" to just one watch.

24.) Current Wristwatch - I have a nice Kenneth Cole one that matches Johann's watch but I don't wear a watch anymore because Seth might get snagged on it or something.

25.) Ultimate Dream Gadget - A self-driving car. I plug in the destinations and it takes me there.

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