Monday, November 30, 2009

Strange customer service --

I went to PLDT last week to inquire about how to apply for a new line and internet plan --

I was surprised when the lady who attended me informed me that it would take 3 weeks, at least, to process my application because they are in the process of changing systems.

I inquired about their latest offer -- the one where you take home the kit and you can install it yourself.

Her reply? "Ah, ma'am. Wala pa kami sina." (We don't have that yet.)

I was surprised (baffled at this point, actually) because PLDT has banners of said offer all over the city.

I asked for a pamphlet or any information and she gave me an outdated one that explains how an internet modem works.

When we arrived home, our helper handed me a flier. Apparently, PLDT had a roving caravan handing out fliers on their new offer. O_O

When I went to Globe, they told me that I could get the phone and the internet in 3 days. (Globe did it in 2 days.)

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the Smart Business Center in SM City. At the door, the guard asked us where we wanted to go. I told him, "Customer Service."

His reply? "Nga-a? Ano tani ang ubrahon mo didto?" (Why? What do you want to do there?)

I told him I wanted to inquire about Cignal TV.

He handed me a flier.

There wasn't anything more I could do or say except to say thank you for the flier and leave.

(There weren't a lot of people inside Smart, by the way and a whole row of Customer Service people were available.)

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Anonymous said...

why don't you look for Manny Pangilinan's e-mail ad and forward your blog post to him. I once had a complaint about their service, I searched for his e-mail ad and sent him an e-mail. The next thing I knew, he calls me on my cellphone and asks exactly what happened. Cool!