Thursday, December 03, 2009

Where is this year's wishlist? --

For the past how many years, I've published my Christmas wishlist earlier and earlier --

This year, I'm a bit surprised that I haven't posted one yet and even more surprised that I really don't have much on my list.

1. New pair of glasses <-- this is on my list every year. And I go to the optical shop every year but I could never find a pair that would convince me to give up my old pair of glasses.

2. The following Anne Stuart books: <-- yes, yes. Historical romances.
- Lady Fortune
- Prince of Magic
- Lord of Danger
- Shadow Dance
- A Rose at Midnight

3. Time to read books. ^_^

4. A new pair of shoes/Crocs <-- I really love my pink Primas but they are old and they are my only going-out shoes.

5. An afternoon at the newly-opened Dulcinea in SM City-Iloilo <-- but I'm getting this one early. We're meeting friends for dinner and then having dessert there. Yay for Churros and cream puffs!

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