Saturday, December 19, 2009

A great find! (Or, when you're in Iloilo...) --

We discovered a lovely Korean Hair & Beauty Salon in a nearby subdivision!

My sister had her hair cut there yesterday and it looks amazing! (And very affordable! 250 for a haircut!)

My sister was a bit worried because she hates trying out new things and hates (even more) trying out a new salon -- her hair is a bit tricky to cut because it is sooo thick --

When we saw the Korean stylist make the first few cuts (she calls them "slice"), we knew my sister was in good hands.

The shop doesn't have a name but it's located along the main road of Ledesco Village and is a straight line from the entrance to the subdivision.

Store hours are from 10am to 9pm and, for appointments, call 3006559 or 3290602.

I'm planning to get my perm re-done there this January. Am excited! =^_^=


Anonymous said...

hi! do you have an idea if magkano yung perm? thanks ^^,

dLyn said...

Hello po. ,magkano po minimum ng perm? I'm from iloilo to. ,
thanks po. !n__n

Anonymous said...

Hi. Have u tried their perm na? Is it good?