Monday, January 04, 2010

Plans for 2010! --

It's the beginning of a new decade!

And I'm turning 32 soon! >_<

Here are some things I'd like to do this year:
1.  Learn how to "lechon" a pig
<-- our driver and I have had lengthy discussions about this and I am determined to learn how to do this properly before December.  I wonder how people get the mix of flavors and spices right.  How does one practice?

2.  Learn how to sew
<-- the better title would be "Buy a sewing machine"

3.  Organize my bookshelf (and Johann's)

4.  Organize my closet.  Believe it or not, I don't have a lot of clothes and I only have 1 pair of shoes (Pink Prima).  I think this is the year to update my closet.

5.  Buy a new pair of shoes
<-- I'll probably do this in Singapore.

6.  Buy a new pair of glasses and update my prescription
<-- At our family's Christmas party, I couldn't read the name off the raffle ticket because it was blurry.

7.  Blog/write more
<-- F, a friend in Cebu, and I were texting our one-line reviews of some of the romance novels we've read and it was amusing.  She asked me if I've ever written a review and I told her, no -- perhaps this year I can write one. ^_^

8.  Re-connect with friends
<-- I hope you are still my friends!!! >_<

My sister and I are also looking forward to our annual trip and, this year, we are going to Singapore at the end of January.  (It's a post-birthday trip for me and a pre-birthday trip for her.)  And we are taking Seth with us!  (Still undecided whether this is a good idea or not. O_O)

I'm also planning my little girl's 1st birthday party and baptism.  It's a bit tricky because her birthday is on March 27, which is the last weekend before Holy Week -- am certain most people will be away by then so we are moving up the celebration to the week before (March 20) -- but now we are competing against schools booking venues for their graduation balls.

I have a theme in mind already -- now I just have to think of what I want to happen.  (More on this in our other blog.)

Also plan for Seth's birthday in June.  Maybe something smaller.  Maybe just in school.  Not sure. ^_^

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